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True to tradition yet contemporary in design, Tanishq jewellery captures the beauty of an occasion, from your engagement to your wedding reception, with fabulous, ornate creations in gold, diamonds, Kundan, Polki and precious stones. Tanishq- The Indian Wedding Jeweller brings to you exclusively crafted jewellery designs. Here are our five favorite necklaces from Tanishq’s elegant and stunning bridal collection. V-shapeed necklace from Tanishq’s bridal collection featuring stunning phool patti engraving in gold with Polki. An exquisite Kundan neckpiece from Tanishq with teardrop polkis at the base and partaj engraving on the surrounding petals. A traditional choker with kundan work and colored stones from Tanishq’s bridal collection. A 22-karat Tanishq kundan polki neckpiece set with a centre white highlight and festoon (jhalar) inspired strings along with matching chandelier earrings. Also met there beauty specialist Sarla from Lakme Studio who told me about current makeup trends, latest makeup technique being used and various Lakme bridal packages. 1-A full length mirror is a must at home, before you step out have head to toe stare at yourself to double check if everything is Ok. 6- Taking few photographs after your trial makeup will help you judge how your makeup looks in camera lights.

2-In order to avoid any makeup disaster before your wedding or an event choose your beautician wisely.
3-Choose a foundation which is one shade darker to you so that it blends with the body color and gives an overall lighter brighter look and avoids face looking too made up. 4- She suggested to use air brush technique for getting makeup done for a more even and natural look. Did you think my exploration of the Tanishq Inara diamond jewelry collection got over in the last post??? They also had nice collection of pendant sets with flower design, chakra designs suitable for various occasions.
Recently I saw the ad of Tanishq’s new bridal collection and was just awwwed by the designs. They have launched around 14-15 designs under this collection which include bridal sets with necklace and earring, pendant sets, rings, earrings, bangle. There are both light weight and heavy necklaces to fit into your requirement and also budget. Because in current era where we all love to look good, just being beautiful does not guarantee that.

So as you saw some lovely necklace sets from this collection in my last Tanishq Inara Collection post, here I would be sharing gorgeous rings, earrings and pendant sets from this collection. In this post I would share the pictures of all the jewellery sets which I checked out in Inara collection. The necklaces have a delicate feminine look and beautiful designs, ready to go with Indian bridal attire and also party dresses. No doubt we need to take a good care of our skin following a definite skin care routine, eating right to stay healthy and in shape and to say the least keep on grooming ourselves regularly. So went to Tanishq store over this weekend and had a gala time there trying out all the dazzling diamond jewellery from Inara collection. It was such a pleasure meeting her and discussing beauty and style tips, preparations needed before attending a wedding or a big event and similar things.

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