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There are changes planned for the forum that are known to be incompatible with older browsers. I was totally blah on the 1999 series handling of nen, it's just one-note cheap looking glowy colors and I find it strange how attached some 1999 series fans are.
Yes I love the sexual innuendos Togashi packed in Hisoka's dialogues, there's even some in his fighting poses (a recent one in the latest manga comes to mind).
I've been following this thread for ages and I saw it was time to join and bring more activity here. Because if you are complaining about lack of blood in the fight, then that means you really don't watch enough action shonen anime. In Sasuke (1968), there's a character who lost her foot in an explosion and there was no blood. Yes, BLEACH's censorship is miles worse than HxH, which is why you should be thankful for not getting to their level. Plus, the manga did give an explanation to why he didn't bleed and hopefully the new version will carry it out. Nen (?, Mind Force) is one of the defining features of the manga Hunter ? Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi.
Learning to use Nen is the final step in becoming a professional Hunter because most contracted jobs require the use of it as the minimum requirement. A student learning Nen trains to manually open and close their aura nodes so that they can control the flow of their aura. There is, however, a way to initiate that is less harmful to the student's body — depending on gently jolting open one's nodes forces the new user to learn to control their aura flow, else risk suffering severe exhaustion or death. Nen of the Flame (?, Nen) is sometimes used in Shingen-ryu kung fu as a precursor to learning the actual Nen.
Although the production of aura is unconscious and constant by all living beings, it is not only life energy. Being a product of the mind, Nen responds to the goals, strengths, and desires of individual users. Though Nen is influenced by one's mental condition and emotional state, it is difficult to judge exactly how these factors affect Nen. In order to fully grasp Nen, one must first learn the Four Major Principles of the Shingen-Ryu school of Kung-fu. Once a person has had their aura nodes opened, they must learn to keep their aura from leaking away from their body.
While Ten allows a user to keep aura from leaking away from their body, Zetsu (?, Suppress; Null) stops the flow of aura from their body altogether. Hatsu (?, Release; Act) is the release or transmission of one's aura so it can be projected to carry out a certain function. There are six types of aura; every individual is born having one of these six different aura types. Hisoka also claims that he is able to judge a person's Nen type based on their personalities. Enhancers are determined and simple.[14] Most of them never lie, hide nothing, and are very straightforward in their actions or in their thinking. Conjurers are typically high-strung or overly serious and stoic.[15] They are often on guard as to be cautious.
Manipulators are logical people who advance at their own pace.[15] They are all for arguments and tend to want to keep their families and loved ones safe. Specialists are individualistic and charismatic.[15] They will tell you anything important on them, and refrain from being close friends. There are numerical approximations given by the manga to indicate just exactly how efficient one would be at using aura abilities that one is not born into. If a student increases the quantity of water in the glass during their water divination, they are an Enhancer (???, Kyokakei). Enhancement is the most balanced category, allowing users to spread themselves evenly between offense and defense and become very strong using only simple abilities. With the hands- free Personal Listener you can easily hear conversations around you, on the cellphone, listen to music watch movies on the plane and more with the hands-free DT-100 DirecTalk Personal Listener.
If you have trouble resetting your password (for example, if you lost access to the original email address), please do not start posting with a new account, as this is against the forum rules. It featured more blood in those few glimpses but what's the point if the actual fight wasn't even animated and shown. I love how the 2011 paid more attention to details and break down, explained and executed the Nen system with a lot of respect and effort.

The sexual innuendos in his dialogues works best with Japanese's language system, as they would most likely be lost in translation. I've read the manga before the new series has started and now I'm up to the Chimera Ant arc, and no I don't read scanlations and I save it all to the official volumes. It is a technique that allows a living being to use and manipulate their own life energy (known as aura).[1] The word "Nen" can also be used in conversation to refer to aura. Aura from all parts of the body has a tendency to flow together, producing one mass of energy. The technique has the ability to enhance the strength of physical attacks or objects depending on the quantity of aura employed and an individual's aura type, as well as allows for para-psychological abilities to exist in reality. Some are able to discover and learn to manipulate their aura on their own without having formally learned it. As a result, a student of Nen can increase the overall power of an individual skill by stating a self-imposed restriction that forces even more conditions on it. Everything else, including a practitioner of Nen's individual skills, is based on the basic manipulations of one's aura flow. Ten (?, Envelop; Shroud) is the process of keeping the nodes open, but also having aura flow through and around the body rather than away from it. By closing all of their aura nodes, the user is able to stop almost all outflow of their aura like water from a valve. Since a user is capable of keeping aura from leaking away from the body, it's also possible for them to produce more aura around themselves without having to worry about losing it.[1] Ren focuses on outputting a high amount of aura and keeping it on the body, expanding the size and intensity of it. In essence, Hatsu is one's personal expression of Nen that creates a special and unique paranormal ability, which is colloquially called a "Nen ability", "Hatsu ability" or "Hatsu".[3] When used in this sense, "Hatsu" is a very generic term.
Upon learning one's own aura type, a student of Nen can set about learning to apply the technique in a unique way that suits their personality, which can develop into a unique skill. Though it is possible for one to develop abilities outside of his primary aura type, one is typically less proficient at using those abilities.
Many of them are quick-tempered and hot-blooded.[15] They resemble the Enhancers in building their impulsivity, but the difference with them, they probably tend to calm down and forget easier. On the other hand, when it comes to pursuing their own goals, they do not listen to what others might have to say about it. But, because of their natural charisma that draws others, they are always surrounded by many people. Starting at one's own aura type, one has the potential to be 100% efficient at using abilities based in that category alone.[16] Then looking at the category chart (see right), one has the potential to be 80% efficient at using aura types adjacent to one's primary type, 40% efficient at the opposite or farthest category, and 60% efficient in the two remaining categories.
Enhancement is the ability to use aura to increase the natural abilities of an object or one's own body.[3] Therefore, Enhancers are able to greatly increase their physical attack and defense and are best suited for close-ranged melee combat. One of the examples of more complex Enhancement abilities include enhancing one's healing factor. The lightweight listener rests comfortably on your shoulders; there is nothing to hold or clip to clothing.
Japanese borrowed a lot of words from Chinese, but a lot of Chinese words can have multiple meanings, they would also assigned a Japanese reading (Kunyomi) to those Chinese words in a smaller side-note type to put the word into context. Most of us will probably get used to it and wonder why the heck we protested against it in a dozen or so episodes. But after reading negative views on it and how it contradicts the manga a lot, I decided to follow the more faithful adaptation. This happens without the individual's awareness, typically resulting in a slow leak of aura continually escaping the body.[1] If one were to lose their entire aura, it would be equivalent to using up all the energy keeping them alive, which would be fatal.
The second method (colloquially called Initiation or Baptism) is by having one receiving an influx of aura from an experienced user that forces these nodes to open; despite how quickly it works, the method is typically frowned upon due to its danger to the student if the user is inexperienced or has malicious intent.
Once one has opened their aura nodes, he will be able to see his own aura as a shroud surrounding the body due to his nodes in his eyes being opened. It has been said that powerful, refined auras produce a sensation that feels akin to needles pricking into the skin[5].
These individuals are typically known as "geniuses," "psychics," or "superhumans" to the public.
For example, if one consciously decides something along the lines of "I will only use this skill on Thursdays" or "I will only use this skill against short people" and manages to abide by that rule, that particular skill will become stronger.
Curses may disappear if certain conditions are met by the cursed, but they can also be removed through the use of Nen.
Once maintained, it creates a shroud around the user that feels similar to standing in lukewarm, viscous fluid.
Since the user is no longer surrounded by their own aura, they are more sensitive to the aura of others. In its original formulation, it signifies a manifestation of one's Nen that cannot be ascribed to any of the basic or advanced techniques.

The most popular way (and the only sure-fire way seen in the series) of determining one's aura type is through Water Divination (???, Mizumishiki). By creating an ability that one isn't suited for, one risks stagnating their potential by overloading their capacity for using Nen[3] something Hisoka calls "Memory Overload". Because of the nature of Emission, many Hatsu techniques created by emitters are primarily long range. While manipulators often use techniques that allow them to control their opponents they also prefer to use an inanimate medium to control that can be used versatility (such as smoke or pieces of paper hardened with Shu). Because specialization is unique and can have many facets, most specialists posses only one Hatsu technique. Specialization is typically unusable for non-Specialists because it is impossible to partially use; one either can or cannot use Specialist abilities. Censorship is not excusable even though they are giving us the whole fight and Hisoka did loss his arm! The pores or points on the body from which aura flows out from are called "Aura Nodes" (??) (?????, Shoko). Since every living being emits aura subconsciously, learning to sense aura is a useful skill for those tracking living things or hunting non-living things infused with aura.
This can be anything from inadvertently being able to use the basic techniques of Nen[2] or unconsciously developing a unique Nen ability that can be used without really understanding how or why one is able to do so. Those who possess the ability to do so are called Exorcists (???, jonenshi), but are rare among Nen users.
This can be useful when tracking another person and it will also prevent other users of Nen from noticing them.
This increases the user's physical strength and durability and provides a large pool of aura for any advanced techniques or individual skills they decide to use. This definition implies that an Enhancement Hatsu ability is impossible.[12] In its common usage, however, a Nen ability is any application of aura that the user regards as a special ability.
This is reflected in their Nen as enhancers typically rely on simple and uncomplicated hatsu techniques. Even when they don't hide their personalities they rarely reveal their true intentions.[14] Many transmuters rely on techniques that give unique and unpredictable properties to their Nen that reflects their personalities. Many of the items that conjurers create are often used by them in a very deliberate and practical, logical fashion. The vocabulary in Hisoka lines would be written in Kanji (Chinese) form that has a certain meaning, yet the hiragana reading assigned to that kanji word would have completely different meaning.
An experienced user of Nen can judge the location and relative strength of his opponents through reading the output of their aura. Typically, geniuses of Nen are exceptional artisans in their own fields and their abilities are related as such.
When a person breaks a vow without a limitation, they risk damaging their abilities, however, when there is a limitation, this risk is removed (unless of course it is part of the limitation), at a price of one's own choosing.
According to Ging, he was lucky to get away with only that, and if he wants more, there will be a price to pay. Zetsu can also be used to relieve fatigue, since it forces the body's external layer of aura to be fully contained within.[1] However, since Zetsu involves shutting off one's aura, it can be dangerous due to it leaving the body defenseless against any aura attack.
As Habilidades prinsipais estao em negrito, as avancadas estao sublinhadas e as em Italico ja sao um tipo de Hatsu (Habilidade especial). It is also implied that Vows that carry great meaning or are tied to emotional states also bring about a greater benefit. Biscuit is able to materialize several Nen masseuses (only Cookie was shown so far) that involve the mixture of Emission, Manipulation and Transmutation, and with casual ease. Isso ocorre pois a sua aura tem propriedades diferentes de outras assim como uma impressao digital.
Se ela nao e intensificadora entao voce tem muito mais dificuldade em intensificar.O seu Hatsu (habilidade especial) tem um tipo de treino diferente. O problema do juramento e que se nao for forte o suficiente ele nao da forca o suficiente e tambem que se ele for quebrado o usuario perde a capacidade de usar o Nen, tendo que ser batizado ou iniciado novamente.
Carater especial sao poderes concedidos a individuos unicos ou tambem podem vir de uma linhagem sanguinea. O carater especial pode aumentar o seu poder ou ate criar outros efeitos que aumentem a sua aura. Kurapica pode usar 5 correntes sem ser sua afinidade pois o seu cla tem uma habilidade especial que lhe permite ter afinidade com todos os tipos de Nen.Entao ele so gasta 1 ponto por Hatsu.

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