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Tanto Luis Suarez como Lionel Messi utilizaran el adidas f50, aunque ambos estaran personalizados.
El modelo que utilizara Messi sera amarillo con las tres tiras en negro, la bandera de Argentina, el logo de Team Messi (linea de la marca alemana), el nombre y la fecha de nacimiento de su hijo Thiago y la inscripcion mas que un botin en la plantilla. A partir de este punto usted ingresa a un ambito virtual destinado al ejercicio responsable de la libertad de expresion.
Los mensajes seran instantaneamente visibles y no seran supervisados por la redaccion de El Pais.
Es un espacio autoregulado por los lectores, quienes disponen de mecanismos para reportar el uso abusivo del mismo.
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El idolo argentino logro el campeonato del mundo con estos botines, discretos, pero que hicieron historia. El historico delantero mexicano, Hugo Sanchez, jugo su ultima Copa del Mundo con estos zapatos marca Lotto. El delantero brasileno Ronaldo lucio unos botines Nike plateados en el Mundial de Corea Japon. El britanico David Beckham irrumpio en la Copa del Mundo Alemania 2006 con unos espectaculares botines Adidas. El diseno de la marca norteamericana promete con su tecnologia Flyknit, mejor control y dinamismo del jugador. Sudoku es un rompecabezas numerico cuya solucion no requiere un gran dominio de matematicas o lengua. Playing against Lionel Messi's Barcelona in the 2011 Club World Cup final left a huge impression on Neymar, but will the Brazilian leave the right impression at Barca? Barca were long rumoured to have made a ‚ā¨10m (?8.5m) down-payment for first refusal on the forward in 2011, and when their official accounts last year revealed a mysterious outgoing payment for that exact amount, suspicions were confirmed.
It goes without saying Barcelona have been far too reliant on Lionel Messi in recent seasons, and it's no coincidence that their most successful campaign ever saw a largely even spread of goals.
If he's to be a success, effort cannot come from the player alone, but the club, too and giving Neymar the time necessary to learn will also be vital.
That kind of work-rate is something Barcelona supporters seem to appreciate in the post-Guardiola days, where a forward's effort off the ball has become just as important as his effort on it. Unlike some, I won't pretend to be Nostredamus when it comes to the deal; there are no pre-written certainties regarding Neymar's success. Los entrenadores tienen practicamente definidos los equipos y los futbolistas ya tienen prontas sus herramientas.

Los de Luis seran en colores fucsia y azul, con las tres tiras en blanco y la particularidad de que llevan la bandera de Uruguay, los nombres del futbolista, su esposa Sofia y los de sus hijos Delfina y Benjamin, a los que les anade ademas las fechas de sus nacimientos. La estrella del Real Madrid estrenara el modelo Mercurial Superfly CR7, que son del tradicional color negro con la pipa de la marca en blanco, aunque con la particularidad de que seran tipo "botitas". Evitamos distracciones", aseguro Phil McCartney, ejecutivo de Nike.Con motivo de este lanzamiento, nos dimos a la tarea de recuperar algunos disenos de zapatos que utilizaron los mejores futbolistas del mundo en el pasado. El objetivo es rellenar una cuadricula con las cifras del 1 al 9 partiendo de algunos numeros ya dispuestos en algunas de las celdas. Though initially due to join them in 2014, one more year was deemed too long to wait for Barca President Sandro Rosell, and in the late hours of 26 May, the Catalans announced the signing of the Santos star.
Predicting the success of any transfer is impossible, but it is certainly reasonable to look at Neymar's rough qualities and analyse both how well prepared he looks for life at Barcelona, and the various areas in which he'll have to improve. The Catalans had a host of players in the past capable of beating a man and creating a goal scoring chance, not least the aforementioned Henry, but in recent seasons that has been lacking. Neymar protects the ball exceptionally well, has a sumptuous first touch, and a decent range of passing. It may seem like a cliche, but as the great Ronaldo himself has admitted (and there is no better an authority on these matters than a Brazilian who triumphed in Spain), Neymar will not receive the same kind of protection in Europe as he does in Brazil. Considering he has spent his entire career enveloped in a completely different football culture, Barcelona are unlikely to really see the best from him in his first season, if they ever see it at all. Built up for so long by so many, he simply has to succeed at Barcelona, not only for the Catalan club, but for his national team, who place virtually all of their hopes on his shoulders ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Paradoxically, he will arrive in Europe both proven at the highest level in his home nation, and completely unproven in his new surroundings. Desde el inicio del futbol profesional hasta la decada de los 80's, no hubo gran cambio, pero a partir de los 90's, las firmas deportivas y la mercadotecnia hicieron de estas prendas algo mas que un accesorio para golpear el balon.Mira la galeria y observa cuanto cambiaron los zapatos de futbol hasta nuestros dias. When it comes to the reasons for signing him in the first place, the obvious attraction, first and foremost, is his goal threat. That's a huge contrast when compared to their current season, where Messi has 60 in all competitions, and his nearest rivals, David Villa and Cesc Fabregas, only have 15 and 13 respectively. These days, Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta aside, Barca look to pass through the opposition rather than taking them on individually, and against teams that close up shop and form rigid banks in defence, it can be problematic. After a few months of working on rondos, the club's famous piggy in the middle training exercise, with his new team-mates, it is logical to expect that he will gradually begin to grasp their style of play, given he has the raw attributes to do so, but it will also require the mental capacity to fully absorb the tactical shift he will experience.
With Lionel Messi largely given a free role for the Catalans (and these days it's worth debating just how effective that is in the grand scheme of things), Barcelona don't have room for another player that relinquishes a fixed role. Some of the forward's exaggerated dives and feigned injuries in Brazil are embarrassing, and a facet of his game he'll have to iron out if he wants to avoid both the ire of referees and Barcelona supporters alike.

Some of the criticisms levelled against Cesc Fabregas, for example, have, rightly or wrongly, been due to what supporters perceive as a lack of effort and running, rather than his failings on the ball. A poor season in Spain will not go unnoticed back home, so expectations will be high from day one. Negotiating that dichotomy will be difficult, but he certainly has both the mental and technical attributes, to succeed at the Camp Nou. Neymar's astounding 43 goals in 47 games for Santos last season paint him as the ideal candidate to finally shift some of the responsibility from Messi's shoulders in front of goal. Neymar excels in twisting and turning through opponents with his skill, so his addition means there is now another player in the Barcelona team capable of disrupting the equilibrium among opposition back lines.
We need only look at some of Cesc Fabregas' chaotic performances in the Blaugrana shirt for evidence of that.
Contrast the way Lionel Messi takes kick after kick from opponents with Neymar's willingness to go to ground, and it becomes evident there is still much for him to learn if he hopes to be spoken of in the same breath as the Argentine.
Perhaps that's why Sandro Rosell was so determined to bring him to the Camp Nou this summer rather than next; better to get the difficult year out of the way early than wait until 2014 and prolong the process. In Neymar's case, observers are more likely to accommodate the growing pains he will experience in his initial steps in Catalunya if he's perceived to be giving his all for the team. That wouldn't be easy for most 21-year-olds, but patently, Neymar isn't like most young men his age. Yes, he will have to adapt his game, get used to tighter marking, rougher treatment and, most likely, a more rigid role, but lest we forget, Neymar is still only 21. It should be said that the Brazilian does have one thing in his favour when it comes to earning the patience of the Barcelona support, whose hostility can often play a part in making or breaking a player.
After all, this is a kid who won the Copa Libertadores - the highest club honour available in South America - at only 19 years of age and was Santos' first since 1963.
Contrary to the stereotypes lazily thrown around regarding players hailing from his nation, Neymar works hard. Signing him remains a huge risk for Barcelona, but their logic seems to be that it was both a risk worth taking in anticipation of the pay-off, and in making sure that no-one else benefits from his talents instead.

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