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I became an audiologist because I am passionate about helping people who have developed hearing loss. However, with neglect or improper treatment or consultation, they can prove to be frustrating and cumbersome. By offering a wide variety of hearing aid brands, and taking the time to work with you individually to assure your comfort and lifestyle is maintained – whether it takes 2 visits or 20 – I am confident we can find the right fit for you!
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Tu coche limpio y reluciente milimetro a milimetro por dentro y por fuera ?y tu sin mover un dedo! I opened Bluegrass Audiology & Hearing Aids because I see a great need for a concerned, educated, compassionate specialist who would provide quality care at an affordable price.

With over 10 years experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Disorders from UK and a Masters of Science in Audiology from U of L, I am confident I can meet all of your audiological testing and hearing aid needs.

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