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Lost amongst a sea of their more prolific Air Max releases, Nike shines the light on various forgotten running sneakers in 2009 including a retro of the Air Max ST. The Air Trainer 1 was a huge development in shoe design, features made it work across a number of sports.
I've been waiting for these for almost 15 years, back in the 11th grade, This is awsome day for me, I'm just sitting here playing Madden and just happen 2 check SneakerNews, one of the greatest surprise of my life !!! Originally released in 1992 within an era that saw a multitude of iconic running silhouettes, the ST featured a clean look coupled with the brands trademark Air and Footbridge technologies.

With the last release being a European exclusive release in 2002, this time around it may be the same case. Lightweight like a running shoe, it could also be used in sports like basketball and tennis. Welcome back the Nike Air Speed Turf Max, possibly one of the greatest releases in the 90’s Nike Football era.
Bringing back those nostalgic efforts we get a look into an old school colorway making itself available to store shelves this season.

Amongst this original version will be various other early 90′s inspired color choices. The Air Speed Turf Max has been one of most high-demand Retro releases for a while, but will that translate to box-office success, given the moderate success of recent Trainer Retros?

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