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The heavy slice serve as shown here has nearly pure sidespin, generated by striking the ball from its center toward what would be its 3:00 position if it were a clock face. As upper arm drives upward, forward, and to the right, the racquet starts to move upward in an edge-first position. The lack of topspin in this serve limits its margin of clearance over the net, so it is usually hit at less than 75% the speed of a topspin-slice serve, and it is too risky to make sense as a second serve.

The sharp curve of the heavy slice serve can be used either to pull the receiver quite wide and open up the court or to jam him with a ball that suddenly curves into his body.
The serve could still be hit up the middle from this stance, but an astute receiver might perceive an early signal of wide placement. The heavy slice serve curves to the left (from the perspective of a right-handed server) in the air, and on hard courts and grass it also takes a pronounced, skidding left turn on the bounce.

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