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Hydroelectric plants and nuclear powerplants everywhere are going out of style all of a sudden.
Men players with the more extreme western grips all hit with substantially more average topspin, with the averages starting well above 2000rpm.
Yeah I remember watching Bruguera once a good while back and it was shocking just how much topspin he put on the ball. Why aren't there more slow motion clips of players, I have all from the AO but I thought there would be more.
Also I would like to see the ball in slow mo on super slice serves that Nadal does some times and others like ball landing and then jumping up or forward. Well the thing is, that with the kind of heavy, loopy topspin game that Bruguera played, it was very easy to get tired (although he was quite a grinder) and obviously it would be difficult to succeed on grass or even hardcourt as was the case with him.
Don't forget Nadal's spin is left handed spin thus it makes it even more tougher for a right hander to keep up! Also, I think comparing the Babolat Aero Drive and RD-7, the Aero will get more spin because of the aerodyanmics. Best description would be a grinder MOST of the time who could make a crowd moan when he got into one of these modes, but not *just* a grinder.
Problem was, he was never really fully commited to outside clay, at the end of 94, he said he was going to focus on hard courts from now on after playing so well indoors to close the season, but then the injury problems started which changed everything. I studied computer science, electrical engineering, physics, and math in school, and couldn't decide what I wanted to do. According to research conducted at Sheffield University and reported in RSI, all strings are sufficiently rough to achieve full spin. Para reproducir la musica que tendra que actualizar su navegador o actualizar el Plugin de Flash. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

I heard from a couple people that balls hit from Agassi's forehand were close to 2,000, but I have no scientific proof. In the case of Sergi Bruguera's forehand, this means the ball is turning over itself 70 to 80 times as it travels to his opponent! This range began at the low end with Michael Chang at 2334rpm, with Marcelo Rios at 2647rpm, and Tomas Muster at 2882rpm. Average spin rates on the second serves among the men all exceeded even the average spin rate of Sergi Bruguera's forehand (3351rpm), ranging from a low of 3370rpm for Todd Martin to a high of 4650rpm for Andre Agassi.
However, he achieved more than 10mph in additional second serve velocity, averaging 85mph, compared to Agassi's 74mph.
Blake himself said you could put so much more spin on the ball with polys, and polys only came onto the scene in 2000, I think. He was very lethal on clay though, but the intense topspin game he played probably weakened his body faster that say Agassi's game did. If he was on, he could beat anyone in the world," accorind to a guy I know who ball boyed for him at the Lipton.
He also was different from current generation clay courters in that he only played on hard courts ONCE in his life prior to turning 18. If he grew up now, with cross-court training, I wouldn't want to see him anymore, because I believe that his completely unique and ideosyncratic technique he developed for clay only would be changed to a conventional mold.
After that was basically just a half-time player, had a serious shoulder injury that was supposed to end his career. Nadal puts a lot of topspin on his forehand, but I guarantee you it is nothing compared to what Bruguera did to the ball.
As with his first serve, Sampras's ability to generate both spin and speed on the second serve is a probable key in understanding his overall serving effectiveness.
Also, Bruguera strung very low in his day, sometimes as low as the mid 40s, usually low 50s, prior to switching to Volkl.

The reason to watch him was for the pick and choose spots of shotmaking and power (believe me, WELL worth it though when decided to go for these shots), otherwise he *was* admittedly boring for most of the match, just grinding usually. When he retired, he said it was because injuries prevented him from training like you need to play at the highest level for too long, and that he'd tried numerous times to take time off to recuperate through the years, but he never could get fully right, and also I think it was just mental burn out as well, just got tired of dealing with it.
Bruguera's average on 8 forehands was actually 3331rpms, and included the single fastest spinning forehand we recorded, an amazing 3751rpms in a match against Marcelo Rios.
In fact, the vast majority of balls hit on center court at the Open exceeded 1000rpm, this included both the men and the women's players. I think this definitely affected Bruguera's not just style, but also his MENTALITY regarding stuff outside clay, besides the tour played much faster then than it does now, so basically ALL clay courters had the mentality of why even bother back then? He tried to make one last run near the end, and said his game was back at the top level in practice, but he failed to close matches out now due to a lack of confidence, then he kind of just decided to quite inexplicably.
At his best, he pinned you deep, handcuffed you into errors, at his worst he pushed the ball hoping for errors. Against Courier in a seniors tour final, Courier was taking the match much more seriously, yet Bruguera toyed with him with almost nothing but drop shots, angles, bakchands, and drop volleys believe it or not.
Bruguera also had the same kind of back injury prior to 93 that plagued Moya for a few years. This is why he was spooked by Muster, saying that he hated playing him more than anyone else on tour by far. He was just selective of when to unleash it, when he did though, rest assured, it'd very likely be the hardest hit forehand in the match. The surface was hyper fast, and because of his techqniue the difference between whiffing and hitting a winner is extremely apparent under such conditions.

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