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I seem to remember there being some bone conduction headphones on the market a few years back, but these are the first that I’ve come across in a while.
I always hate it when earbuds pop out of my ears, especially when I’m on the bike or on a run. They also include 9mm titanium drivers and foam tips that have some passive noise cancellation. I remember hearing the sound of my creepy guy upstairs neighbor ripping up the wall-to-wall carpet in his bedroom above mine one day.  Hoping to hear SEXUAL activity, I suspect. Late at night when he is unseen he goes out on his porch above mine to listen to sound coming from my bedroom below.

The headphones rest on the temporal bone on the side of your head and won’t go into your ears.
The 32 mAh battery will give you 10 hours of playback, and it comes with an integrated microphone if you want to use your phone hands-free. UK designer Michael Young has come up with earphone design that will probably stay put, no matter what you are doing. There is a remote and microphone included, but the most interesting bit is how they pop in. The earphones will be available in red and black from EOps.
These headphones also come with a 3.5mm jack, which lets you plug in regular earphones if you ever feel the need.

This seems a bit counterintuitive, because when I switch on my headphones, I don’t want to hear the outside world.

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