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I think the answer lies somewhere in the fact that we too often concern ourselves with issues of "Who is this for?" rather than "Who does this resonate with?" In the case of "Hearing Damage", the idea of this being aimed at anyone in particular is contestable at best. Byl wtedy, ja jezdzil i sluzyl customers kilka laty, ja lubic swa praca i byc bardzo szczesliwy.
If anything, it says more about just how effective Thom Yorke can be when conveying simple emotion, regardless of whatever tangled exteriors he's finding solace in at the moment.

Surely this wasn't going to curry much favor with your niece anyways, so why try and attempt to edge out Death Cab for bedroom wall space in the face of "Meet Me on the Equinox"? Fear, impatience, longing, and inadequacy all make appearances here, each of which as indicative of adolescence-- and most vampire fiction-- as they are of adulthood.

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