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A young summoner whose prayers call forth aeons and who is tasked with battling alongside them. Yuna is a Warrior of Cosmos and is the third representative for Final Fantasy X in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.
Yuna's first alternate outfit, "Violet Hakama", is based on an artwork drawn by Yoshitaka Amano.
Yuna's second alternate outfit, "Wedding Dress", is what she wore during her wedding to Seymour Guado: a white, strapless gown cut in the front to reveal her thighs with a train behind her. After receiving her dormant crystal from Cosmos, Yuna travels with Jecht, but they are separated. When Tidus and Jecht are about to duel, Yuna intervenes and tries to return Tidus's memories by staying by his side until he remembers her.
Yuna travels with Lightning, Vaan and Laguna for the portal, reuniting with Kain and Tifa along the way.
After the party defeats the Southern Lufenia Gateway to access the northern continents, Yuna can be found wandering near the Crescent Lake teleport stone, provided she is not currently in the party. Yuna is described as a Grand Summoner and her attacks involve summoning aeons to fight for her: Valefor, Ifrit, Ixion, Shiva and Bahamut. In EX Mode, Shiva attacks by unleashing an ice shatter after Ifrit swipes, followed with a ice shard that drops on the opponent to direct to Ifrit's final claw attack.
In EX Mode, Ifrit appears with a slash which directs the opponent into Valefor's projectiles. Summon Ixion to charge forward and knock the opponent into the air, then fire thunder disks at them. She once traveled across her world of Spira as a summoner, obtaining the aid of various aeons, entities of great power, to help her in her fight against Sin.
She has brown hair, a blue, pleated furisode kimono with hibiscus floral pattern, black boots, and a black spaghetti-string camisole under a white sash of material that wraps around her neck and over her chest. Her summoner dress is a lighter lavender color with no floral pattern and her hair has a lighter brunette shade.

The dress has white feather ornamentation on the front hem and a pair of small feathered wings attached to a bouquet of roses on the back. She wears a white and pink spaghetti-string camisole with the Zanarkand Abes logo on her chest with a pink hood and yellow armbands. She is a selfless young woman who has gained her memories of her companion and friend, Tidus. Lost and alone, she whistles for Tidus, wondering if their promise will hold true in this world as well. When the six reach Orphan's Cradle Yuna tells Tifa and Vaan she'll pretend she is looking forward to the oncoming battle.
She says that though she hoped they could have returned home after the war, it was a false hope the warriors nurtured while they were used as pawns, and the story's ending had thus already been decided.
Yuna's attacks are powerful and when summoning, her aeons can act as temporary shields weakening (but not annulling) damage. She wears a yellow patterned obi adorned with hibiscus flowers with a chocho musubi knot and a decorative obidome to cinch the cords and two sleeves on her upper arms. She wears a pair of denim hot pants with a blue half-skirt covering her left hip that reaches to her ankles held up by a brown belt with a pouch. The Emperor describes Yuna as a "seasoned one" because of her worrying about Tidus and trying to protect him. He does not recognize Yuna because his memories of her have been erased, and, unknown to Yuna, he, too, is looking for Jecht.
Later, at the Empyreal Paradox, the three of them, along with Laguna and Lightning, fight Garland, The Emperor, the Cloud of Darkness, Kefka and Ultimecia, with Yuna dueling the Emperor again.
As the world of Confessions of the Creator is a hypothetical nightmare world where the cycles of war kept going and Feral Chaos killed all summoned warriors, this Yuna is likely a spectre of the Yuna of this alternate world.
Along the way they defeat Golbez and join up with Laguna, Kain, Tifa and Vaan, leading into the introductory sequence of Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy where the six are lost. Yuna now uses her aeons as her primary fighting style in the battle against the forces of Chaos.

She has a shorter, layered haircut, reminiscent of Tidus's, save for a long ponytail that reaches to her ankles wrapped in a pink sleeve. After the duel, the Emperor disappears with an unconscious Jecht who gave up his light to save his son leaving Yuna devastated. Afterward, along with Kain, they face off against a horde of manikins and close the portal, but are defeated.
In "Vaan's Quest 012: A Voice to Call Back", Vaan speaks to Yuna about his encounter with Tidus, who inquired about Jecht fighting for Cosmos. She regained her memories of Tidus sometime during the cycle of wars, but he has lost his memories of her.
Laguna and Vaan appear and cheer Yuna up, and the three return to Cosmos and talk to Lightning and the Warrior of Light. As Shinryu takes Cosmos and the other warriors to the thirteenth cycle, Yuna and the others fade away in front of the Warrior before he is taken away himself. Vaan, unaware of Tidus's name, describes him as a sad boy his age, confusing Yuna about who it could be, as she remembers Tidus as cheerful and upbeat.
After learning of Warrior and Kain's plan, they refuse to go along and vow to fight the manikins to the very end.
Yuna also appears in "Lightning's Quest 012: One Can Fight Together", where she is concerned over Lightning spending time alone.
Yuna leaves Tidus in Cosmos's care, lead to Cosmos resurrecting Tidus as one of her warriors in the thirteenth cycle.
After the two confront Exdeath, Lightning recalls some of her memories, and tells Yuna to call her "Light", grateful for Yuna's encouragement. Fifth final fantasy yuna sign up icon , there how to replace a door frame, Read bottom oct .

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