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The earrings are designed with a diamond drop centering upon an emerald-cut diamond with an open circular-cut diamond surround and three bullet-cut diamond tassle drops suspended from a circular-cut diamond tapering arrow motif.
This gorgeous sparkling Halo Diamond Stud Earrings have been beautifully handcrafted in a 14k White Gold Prong and Pave setting with Screw Back Posts. Our professional jewelers sorted the side stones for best matched in Cut, Color, Clarity and Size and then set them with Pave to add more brilliance and elegance to the jewelry.

As a wholesale diamond company we give you the opportunity to purchase this diamond for more than 60% discount than other retail jewelry stores. These studs are a must have for every woman and can be worn at any occasion both casual and formal. Vel integer quis porttitor sed in in ac, ut diam porttitor odio nunc tempor dapibus quis est aliquam dictumst, vel amet tincidunt pulvinar?

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