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Tinea pedis is a dermatophytosis of the feet, whereas tinea manus affects the palmar and interdigital areas of the hand. Tinea manus may be acquired by direct contact with an infected person or animal, the soil, or autoinoculation. Usually bilateral with patchy or diffuse scaling limited to the thick skin, soles, and the lateral and medial aspects of the feet, this is also known as “moccasin-type” tinea pedis. Unilateral tinea manuum commonly occurs in association with hyperkeratotic tinea pedis, resulting in the “two feet-one hand syndrome” .
The vesiculo-bullous and acute ulcerative types commonly produce a vesicular id reaction, either as a dyshidroticlike distribution on the hands or on the lateral foot or toes.
For vesiculo-bullous lesions, examination of the roofs yields the highest rate of positivity on KOH examination. Histologically, hyperkeratotic tinea pedis or tinea manuum is characterized by acanthosis, hyperkeratosis, and a sparse, chronic, superficial perivascular infiltrate in the dermis.
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Miconazole Cream is indicated in the treatment of tinea capitis, tinea corporis, tinea pedis (athlete‘s foot), tinea mannum, tinea cruris, tinea barbae, onychomycosis, pityriasis versicolor, cutaneous and vulvovaginal candidiasis, and candidosis of the skin and nails. Sufficient Miconazole Cream should be applied to cover the affected areas twice daily (morning and evening). Amoxycillin dry syrup is the granular agent of Amoxycillin, which is featured with less vehicle content, high dissolubility, sweet taste, being able to be taken sublingually or after dissolving. It is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent that possesses analgesic and antipyretic activities. The prevalence of tinea pedis is approximately 10 percent, primarily attributable to modern occlusive footwear, although increased worldwide travel has also been implicated. However, it is nearly always associated with tinea pedis and occurs most commonly in the hand used to excoriate the feet. When tinea manus extend to the dorsum of a hand, it assumes the clinical pattern of tinea corporis . Vesiculo-bullous forms display spongiosis, parakeratosis, and sub-corneal or spongiotic intraepithelial vesiculation.

Candida infections as well as tinea cruris and corporis should be treated for 2 weeks, and tinea pedis for 1 month in order to reduce the possibility of recurrence. It has obviously better curative effects for its basic material is quite different from others.
The incidence of tinea pedis is higher among those using communal baths, showers, or pools. Oral antifungals are often required for treatment due to the high incidence of concomitant onychomycosis and relapse. Patients with tinea versicolor usually exhibit clinical and mycological clearing after 2 weeks of treatment.

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