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Study coordinator for several clinical trials involving new treatments for Tinea Pedis and Onychomycosis as well as a VA cooperative trial assessing 5-FU for prevention of skin cancer.
Characterized the three-dimensional microstructure of the arterial wall collagen and elastin and studied the steady state binding kinetics of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) at atherosclerosis-susceptible regions along the artery using two-photon microscopy. Developed a stereological technique to quantify retinal ganglion cell loss in rat eyes and applied the developed method to assess retinal ganglion cell loss in glaucoma induced rats treated with a pharmacologic agent (FK506). Dissected and cultured bovine lens epithelial cells with TGFb antagonists and assessed its effects on myofibroblast differentiation using confocal microscopy, Western Blots, and qPCR.
Created novel neural nicotinic acetylcholine a3-receptor subunits sensitive to Bungarotoxin and developed a stable HEK cell line expressing these mutant receptors to better characterize neural acetylcholine signaling. One of 16 undergraduates chosen nation wide to participate in a summer research emersion program. Sequenced and analyzed for MERTK gene mutations in DNA samples taken from patients with retinitis pigmentosa, age-related macular degeneration, and glaucoma.
Warshaw EM, Kwon GP, Mathias CG, Fowler JF Jr, Belsito DV, Sasseville D, Zug KA, Taylor JS, Fransway AF, Deleo VA, Marks JG Jr, Pratt MD, Storrs FJ, Zirwas MJ, Dekoven JG. Lived with and educated 14 Hill Tribe children orphaned or neglected by the effects of AIDS and drug trafficking. A leading authority on diabetic foot health, foot care, and amputation prevention talks about common foot problems. I haven’t been to Vietnam, but as a podiatrist who has treated hundreds of veterans who have served there, I can tell you that “jungle rot” is real.
The symptoms of skin infections include itching, swelling, redness, and skin breakdown – mostly between the toes and on the bottom and sides of the feet. If you are suffering from “jungle rot,” here are some pointers that can help you fight the problem. Get a foot specialist to take a skin sample from the affected area and send it in for pathological analysis, checking for bacterial and fungal cultures. Once the affecting organism(s) is identified, the infection can be treated with antibiotic and antifungal medications.
In some cases, it’s better to replace your shoes and socks, as they can be the source of re-infection. The same conditions that result in fungal skin infections can also cause fungal nail infections.
Have your foot-care specialist take a sample of your nail, and send it in for a pathology test called the Periodic Acid-Schiff test – a method of checking the anatomic pathology. Onychomycosis is best treated with an oral anti-fungal mediation such as Terbinifine (LAMISIL®) or Itraconizole (SPORANOX®). In any case, personal hygiene is an important part of the solution to clearing up foot infections. Mark Hinkes, DPM, is the Chief of the Podiatry Service and Director of Podiatric Medical Education for the VA medical centers in Nashville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee. If you're a veteran with health issues, even if you have your own health insurance or think your income is too high, you should find out more about what the VA might do for you. VietNow is the veterans organization you always meant to join, but just never quite got around to. Maybe you’ve tried some of the other veterans groups, but never really felt like you fit in.
Much more than “just another boring organizational magazine,” the VietNow National Magazine covers the issues that are important to you. Modos de Transmision: Directo, a traves del contacto con la orina y tejidos de animales infectados, generalmente origina casos aislados. Via de entrada En los humanos puede entrar por lesiones en la piel o a traves de piel reblandecida por el contacto prolongado con el agua. Factores de riesgo Exposicion ocupacional: agricultores, rancheros, trabajadores de los mataderos, cazadores, veterinarios, lenadores, personas que trabajan en las alcantarillas, personas que trabajan en los arrozales y el personal militar.

Periodo de Transmisibilidad: Las leptospiras se pueden excretar en la orina durante un mes tras la infeccion, pero en humanos y otros animales se ha observado leptospiruria incluso 11 meses despues de la infeccion aguda.
Tratamiento y pronostico Tratamiento con antibioticos Pronostico en general bueno, salvo complicaciones. Prevencion Para prevenir esta enfermedad se deben evitar las areas de aguas estancadas, especialmente en los climas tropicales. Enfermedad en los animales En la fotografia de la derecha se observa un embrion vacuno, aborto debido a infeccion por leptospira. Enfermedad del aranazo del gato La llamada enfermedad por aranazo de gato (conocida tambien como fiebre de Cat Scratch) es una enfermedad infecciosa benigna producida por una bacteria del genero Bartonella que se encuentra en todas las partes del mundo.
Via de entrada La enfermedad se propaga mediante contacto con un gato infectado, como resultado de un mordisco o rasguno, contacto de la piel rota o de la conjuntiva ocular con la saliva del gato.
Enfermedad en los animales En gatos: En general la enfermedad pasa desapercibida aunque a veces puede haber fiebre y letargo y pueden observarse zonas eritematosas en los lugares donde pico la pulga transmisora del agente.
Se considera que las tinas son las zoonosis asociadas a pequenos animales que mas incidencia presentan.
Reservorio Animales de compania: perros, conejos, ratones y cobayas pueden ser portadores, sin presentar ningun sintoma de enfermedad. Modos de transmision Las infecciones de tina son contagiosas y pueden transmitirse por contacto directo (los gatos son portadores mas comunes -80% de los casos-), perros conejos, hamster ….. Analyzed allergic reactions of food service workers in the NACDG (North American Contact Dermatitis Group) database.
Cultured lens epithelial cells on micro-pattern chips to study cell spreading and geometric cytoskeletal changes. Trained and worked independently in elucidating the role of the MAPK pathway during the early hematopoietic differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells.
Regulation of Genes Expressed Early in the Formation of Myofibroblasts from Lens Epithelial Cells. Neuroprotection From Calcineurin Mediated Retinal Ganglion Cell Apoptosis by FK506 in Experimental Glaucoma.
In fact, these nasty infections of the skin and nail are the most common foot problems Vietnam veterans have suffered, and they still plague many veterans today. The culprit is chronic exposure to water and moisture, often as a result of walking in rice paddies or rain-soaked jungles. Despite treatment with topical creams and lotions, too many veterans have had this infection linger on their feet for decades. The appropriate antibiotic to use will be determined by identifying the bacteria in the wound. If you have a history of liver problems or hepatitis, you may not be able to take these medications. Treatment may include having a foot-care specialist debride (clean out) the nail, and reduce its thickness.
You just might be surprised to learn what kinds of health problems are rated as service-connected.
Unlike most of the other “magazines” you’ll find on the Internet, the VietNow National Magazine is not just a “web-zine” that no one wants to read. Indirecto, por el contacto con el agua estancada, tierra o alimentos contaminados con leptospira, generalmente ocasiona picos endemicos.
En los animales puede presentarse desde infecciones leves hasta cuadros graves, es una enfermedad abortiva en el ganado vacuno.
Los cachorros de gatos (menores de 1 ano) parecen ser un alto riesgo para la transmision de la enfermedad. Animales domesticos y ganado: bovinos, equinos, ovinos, porcinos, aves de corral, entre otras. Coupled with not being able to wash and change to dry socks and shoes, these conditions may have helped create the moist, dark, and warm environment that is perfect for feet to develop mold, yeast, and fungal infections.

A medication in pill form, Terbinifine (LAMISIL®) or Itraconizole (SPORANOX®) is the best oral medication to treat the mold, yeast, or fungal portion of the infection. Once infected, the nails typically change from their smooth, shiny, and pink condition to become thickened, or flaky – discolored to various shades of yellow, green, brown, or black. The same criteria for using these medications with a skin infection should be observed when treating a nail infection.
Wash your socks with bleach, and use an ultraviolet sterilizing light inside your shoes to help to prevent re-infections.
And the reason you should care is because VietNow is working every day on the veterans issues that are important to you right now – today.
Se considera una enfermedad ocupacional en aquellos grupos expuestos como: trabajadores de arrozales, canaverales, alcantarillados, mataderos, medicos veterinarios, etc. Exposicion en el hogar: perros mascota, ganado domestico, sistemas de recoleccion de aguas de lluvia e infestacion por roedores infectados.
El agente causal responsable de esta patologia no fue totalmente tipificado hasta 1992, cuando el examen del RNA -encontrado en la piel afectada- y el metodo de la reaccion en cadena de la polimerasa (PCR) permitieron identificarlo como Bartonella Henselae. Se desconoce si el riesgo descansa sobre una mayor incidencia de la infeccion en gatitos o simplemente refleja la tendencia de estos a morder y aranar en actividades de juego Parece ser posible la transmision a los humanos a traves de las picaduras de las pulgas que infectan a los gatos. Los antibioticos (para tratar la infeccion) no suelen ser necesarios, salvo para personas con el sistema inmunologico comprometido.
Los aranazos y los mordiscos deben ser lavadas con agua y jabon y nunca deberia ser permitido que los gatos laman las heridas de las personas.
Animales de cria para el comercio de su piel: zorros, nutrias, chinchillas, vison, entre otros. Once this “jungle rot” has a foothold in the skin, bacteria can invade the already infected skin to complicate an already bad situation. Ciclozoonosis: el agente patogeno precisa mas de una especie de vertebrado para desarrollar su ciclo evolutivo. Una segunda fase (Leptospiurica) puede presentarse con afectacion de organos internos: ictericia, insuficiencia hepatica y renal, anemia hemolitica y hemorragia en piel y mucosa. La transmision de la enfermedad puede ser, de animal a animal, por la orina infectada, por ingesta de pastos o aguas contaminadas por orinas, y posiblemente venerea. The name of the problem that commonly affects the toenails of Vietnam veterans is onychomycosis (onycho = nail, mycosis = fungus).
En el 90% de los casos la enfermedad es limitada a las sintomas de la primera fase, en el 10% restante es potencialmente fatal con fallo renal, hepatico y pulmonar (enfermedad de Weil). La infestacion por pulgas es un importante factor de riesgo para que los gatos se contagien. Es prudente evitar el contacto cercano de mascotas sospechosas con ninos enfermos y personas inmunocomprometidas. We’ve got Vietnam veterans, Gulf War veterans, veterans who weren’t in any war, parents of veterans, wives and children of veterans, and lots of other people who just care about veterans issues.
No se ha encontrado transmision de persona a persona de esta bacteria, por lo que no es necesario el aislamiento. Metazoonosis: los agentes causales exigen para desarrollarse la intervencion de como minimo un invertebrado. Saprozoonosis: son procesos que exigen, ademas del animal reservorio, un reservorio no animal (suelo, agua, plantas).

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