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The elastoplastic torsion machine allows students to test different material specimens in torsion, both in the elastic and plastic range. The torsion-fatigue machine allows students to test different material specimens in high cycle fatigue.
The creep testing machine allows students to investigate the creep and thermal expansion properties of various materials. Carleton Laboratory has five new soldering stations that are used for both instruction and research. The Tinius Olsen impact tester allows students to experience the behavior of materials under highly dynamic (impact) loading. The three point bending frame allows students to investigate the behavior of different materials under bending force. The hydraulic benches and laminar flow table allow students to perform various fluid mechanics experiments in a controlled, easily reproducible manner. The laboratory maintains a full suite of modular PC-interfaced data acquisition systems at all major testing machines.
Structural Testing is used to verify the static strength, or fatigue strength of a component by applying measured loads to the test item.
Fatigue Testing is carried out with the objective of determining the relationship between the stress range and the number of times it can be applied before causing failure. So when your product’s structural durability needs to be predicted, verified and validated, turn to DTB's Structural Testing and Fatigue Testing experts.
We provide you with the necessary structural testing and fatigue testing equipment and personnel to test the design and manufacturing integrity of your product. Please request your free quote now if you need any of the following structural and fatigue testing methods. For example, we can measure the crack growth rate of arresting gear during life extension tests.
The MTS AERO ST Controller is a reconfigurable load control system that can conduct both static and fatigue test programs using the latest in structural test control software and algorithms. The Aero ST controller employs industry-standard hardware for easy upgrades and runs on Windows operating system.
The multi-tasking operating system allows you to define new tests, analyze past results and monitor active tests currently in process, all at the same time.

The Structural Testing, Material Properties and Manufacturing Operations Laboratory consists of three dedicated areas - over 2,200 square feet. MTS computer-controlled uniaxial servohydraulic material testing machine with a 22 Kip load frame. Vishay 2300 signal amplifier is one of the data acquisition sysems operated with the MTS machine.
The Structural Laboratory of the Department of Civil Engineering and Mechanics at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee began its activities in 1970’s, and has since served as a prominent resource for state-of-the-art research and development activities in structural and materials engineering.
A comprehensive range of static and fatigue-rated hydraulic actuators, pumps, universal testing machines, and servo-hydraulic test controllers allows the application of static, dynamic and fatigue loadings on specimens ranging from small test coupons to 60-ft-long bridge beams. These experimental learning stations are equipped with state-of-the-art testing equipment that can be operated by the students. The intuitive yet versatile control system allows this machine to fulfill a wide array of duties, ranging from undergraduate and graduate teaching, independent research, doctoral research, to high-volume testing of small to medium-sized samples.
An angle meter and torsional load cell with digital readout make both the operation and data acquisition straightforward.
Students learn how to make low-voltage electrical connections by soldering contacts onto strain gages and breadboards.
The impact hammer allows students to understand the effects metallurgic properties, stress concentrations due to geometric constraints, and temperature on the impact resistance of metals. The importance of both tension and compression strength of materials is underlined by use of unreinforced and reinforced plaster beams. The experiments range from laminar flow, weir flow, hydrostatic pressure, orifice discharge, Bernoulli’s theorem, etc. These PC-integrated DAQ systems allow data to be acquired, displayed graphically, and post-processed in the NI LabView Developer’s Suite at each workstation. However, due to the inherent dangers of metal machining, proper training and supervision of student activities by laboratory staff is absolutely pivotal. Testing can be done to failure, to contractual requirements or to validate finite element model predictions. Coupled with AeroPro Control and Data Acquisition Software allows the user to access synchronized control and data acquisition information in real-time from a single source. They contain current industrial and educational machines to support engineering education and research.

Some of the testing performed is: ultimate tensile strength, material fatigue life, and product fatigue life. This includes a 110,000-lbs servo-controlled MTS machine with hydraulic grips that can be used for fatigue and static testing of a wide variety of materials, One MTS 858 Mini Bionix test frame (axial and torsion), Four Instron 11 kip test machines, three hydraulic pumps (15 GPM, 70 GPM, and 140 GPM), and several actuators up to 220-kip capacity. The use of designated teaching equipment allows the students to experience experiments more closely than through traditional demonstrations as performed on the major testing equipment, which can only be operated by trained lab staff. The machine is capable of both tension and compression loading and is equipped with various gripping systems for various sample types. The machine is also significantly quieter than many older commercial models, making it ideal for use in a teaching environment. The hydraulic benches are fully self-contained and operate on a recirculating water supply, allowing students to perform the experiments without significant water waste.
This technology permits students to truly experience the experiments in a live fashion without having to write down test results by hand during the test and, above all, provides them with a rich and precise data set of the test. DTB has successfully completed thousands of structural tests on items ranging in size and complexity from simple coupons to entire aircraft.
The Laboratory, occupying 3500 square feet, has a main structural test area of 2400 sq ft (60 feet long and 40 feet wide) served by two overhead 10-ton-capacity cranes. Several different types of conventional and high-speed data acquisition systems are utilized to carry out tests. Non-destructive testing equipment include acoustic emission, vibration monitoring, ultrasonic, ultrasonic imaging, impact-echo, magnetic flux leakage, strain measurement, photo elastic, holography, and magnetic particle.
Due to the nature and scale of the materials in the field of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, the lab operates a mix of dedicated student test equipment and full-scale testing machines, as used in material testing and standards laboratories. The facility is also equipped with other instrumentation such as dynamic analyzers, signal generators, and electronic systems for instrumentation. This gives students both a chance to perform hands-on experimentation as well as an understanding of full-scale testing through interactive demonstrations.

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