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Over the years, Sigma has consistently and progressively expanded its product portfolio by associating with the world leading engineering equipment brands, to meet the growing demands of customers in the region.
We strongly believe in associating with our customers as a business partner, rather than as an equipment supplier. We, at Sigma, are proud of our association with world leading engineering brands from various parts of the globe including America, Europe and Japan. Over the years, we have built our relationship with suppliers to offer the best solutions to customers in the region.

Sigma believes that we are able to bring optimal solutions to customers by providing focused expertise. Materialographic Sample Preparation, Optical Microscopy, Hardness & Physical Strength Testing and Metal Processing.
Our customers are assured that we are talking their language whatever the application.
These machines are designed to test a wide range of materials, including, but not rigid plastics, films, paper, packaging materials, non-woven fabrics, filter material, thin sheet metal, felt, leather, adhesives, foils, food, toys, medical products and components etc., in compression, flexure, shear and peel.

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