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Iljin Automotive, a trusted name in the global wheel bearing market, relies on the quality and efficiency of Tinius Olsen Brinell testers. The fully automatic Brinell tester they purchased from Tinius Olsen has a touchscreen LCD display that uses the powerful Horizon software to automatically run the test, a motorized turret to deploy the indentor, a motorized spindle to raise the specimen, and employs a CCD camera to measure the diameter of the indentation. Tinius Olsen had a great time at the World Of Concrete expo last week with lots of interest and positive feedback on our equipment offering. Tinius Olsen has developed a new 3 point bend test jig for testing both interlocking and non-interlocking concrete roofing tiles, and associated fittings for roof and wall cladding materials. AERB, Mumbai Has published subject matter on lead free shielding materials developed by CSIR-AMPRI, Bhopal and these materials may also be used as biological shielding materials for construction of medical diagnostic X-Ray installations (X-Ray Room).
Simultaneous Thermal Gravimetric Analyser (TGA), Differential Thermal Analyser (DTA) and Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) A simultaneous thermal gravimetric, differential thermal analyser and differential scanning calorimeter, NETSZCH STA 449 F1 Jupiter®, is available to measure the weight change of metals and ceramics during heating or cooling under various atmospheres or vacuum and also to study phase transformations of metals and ceramics such as crystallisation, melting, sublimation and specific heat capacity. Freeze-drying facility to prepare wet samples for MIP and SEM (available 2012) Geomaterials and biomaterials generally contain liquid that needs to be removed prior to testing in the Mercury Intrusion Porosimeter (MIP) and the Scanning Electron Microscope. Video Extensometry Conventional extensometry is complemented by a non-contacting Instron Advanced Video Extensometer.
Fatigue Testing Standard rotating beam fatigue testing at rates of up to 14 million cycles per day can be conducted on a set of Instron RR Moore rigs.

Geomaterials and biomaterials that are exposed to air generally contain both a liquid and a gas phase. Mechanical and hydraulic testing of three-phase porous materials (available 2012) The AMRL is equipped with a full range of equipment for mechanical and hydraulic testing of porous multiphase geomaterials.
This world class company is a prime supplier of gears and brake discs to many renowned automotive manufacturers and they use their new model FH9-20 to confirm the hardness of the steel used .
The environmental capabiltity of the W-SEM, Cryostage and Quantomix cells, allow imaging and analyses to be performed on wet samples, such as concretes, cells and tissues, suspensions and oils. The equipment is capable of measuring the thermal diffusivity from room temp to 2000oC in inert gas atmospheres or vacuum. The equipment is capable of measuring weight change and thermal differentials over a range of temperatures from ambient to 1600oC. The AMRL is therefore equipped with a freeze-drying facility aimed at removing liquid while preserving the porous structure. High-sensitivity moiré interferometry is available for whole-field experimental strain measurement. A mid-range, 50kN electromechanical 5969 Series machine with extended height fulfils the requirement for ultra-precise control of loading rates.

The facility incorporates software for integrated video capture of SEM images with test data. The AMRL is equipped with a unique tensiometer to measure pore-water tensile stress up to 1500 kPa (15 bar). All of these machines are equipped with a common suite of programs for control and data-logging, thus simplifying the task of operator training.
Each sensor has a diameter of 20 cm and a height of 18 cm and the aperture of the array can reach up to 100m. The system is accompanied by a GPS receiver for accurate timings and location, a six-channel data logger and a seismic analysis software that allows for the estimation of the epicentre, the depth and the magnitude of the source.

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