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The 2,000kN (400,000 lbf) Super L model mechanical testing machine from Tinius Olsen features their patented dual pressure hydraulic loading system and a rugged four column construction for exceptional load frame rigidity. Tinius Olsen offer the Electomatic series that have either a 2 or 4 column construction and incorporate loadcells in each loading column to accommodate any off-center loading. The 60kN (12,000 lbf) LoCap provides durability, speed, convenience, accuracy and ease of use. Availability of two series of specialist testing machines with the LoCap series and the Electomatic series.

These rugged electromechanical tension and compression testing machines feature Tinius Olsen straingage load cell force measuring systems.
Its precision interchangeable straingage loadcells allows quick change of machine capability from as little as 0.02 lbf up to 12,000 lbf. On offer is a choice of two-screw or four-screw load frames and maximum frame capacities start from 60kN (12,000lbf, 6,000kg) for these special application machines.
The modular design of the system allows easy upgrade of operational control, which, when combined with the wide assortment of gripping systems Tinius Olsen can offer, makes the Super L system one of the most powerful and flexible testing machines available.

Precise motor control combined with the heavy-duty, rugged design of the LoCap frame and screws make it unlike any comparable capacity testing machine. Options for the LoCap include a selection of control options, control and analysis software, a huge selection of grips and extended columns for exceptionally large samples.

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