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I can see the logic here, I always set mine and the bands volume without ear plugs then put them in, it certainly tempting to fiddle with the eq and volume with ear plugs in. More likely it was caused by playing in a confined space with him, without wearing ear plugs.
When I dep with other bands, I set my levels to work with the band and then make a decision about earplugs.
Replies to posts are always welcome, if I have made a mistake in the post, I am human, tell me nicely and it will be corrected. This is where the argument comes in about low volumes being perfectly acceptable for a folk band but when it comes to a rock or metal band it just doesn't have the same impact at low volumes.
The scenario stated in the OP seems to really be aimed towards people who want to listen to the same volume regardless of ear protection. So he ended up hearing himself at exactly the same volume as before the ear plugs were inserted, but now everyone else was deafened by him.
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The yellow foam ones are meant to deaden sound, proper music ones are designed to attenuate sound. I had an issue for a while with my guitar playing where I would set the treble so that it sounded right with plugs in but ended up painfully bright for anyone not wearing them. The Hearing Clinic has specialized in the evaluation and treatment of hearing loss for over 20 years. As a result of doing so, they can't hear subtleties or how loud they are relative to everyone else, so they crank the volume and the whole thing descends into chaos. He just didn't realize (or care) how loud he was playing in a confined space with me near the crash. If your reply cannot be nice, has an underlying issue, or you believe that you are God, please post in another forum.
Which seems a rather amateurish mistake to me (I say that as someone who is very amateur!).
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When you suggest it would be better to take them out and for everyone to play at a sensible level, they bleat about damaging their hearing (they don't seem able to grasp that wearing plugs is only going to increase the problem, for others if not for them). I'm not a particularly sensible man, but one of my better life decisions was to use ear protection when I started playing in bands forty years ago.
Based on the results from our thorough testing, we make recommendations that provide persons with hearing loss the help they need. We also work very closely with area physicians when our special diagnostic skills are requested in the evaluation of hearing. Masood and his team are experts in finding solutions for hearing loss through fitting and adjustment of hearing aids and other assistive devices.

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