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The bony labyrinth is internally lined by membranous labyrinth and perilymph fluid passes between them. Detailed physical and neurological examination of patient is done to rule out other similar conditions and causes. Depending upon cause and duration of suffering patient can get well in shortest time without any side effects. In case of permanent damage or severe infection with inner ear, homoeopathic medicines can give prompt relief to patient and relieve his sufferings to some extent. Homoeopathic medicines work effectively in all age groups and can be taken safely during pregnancy by women.
Homoeopathic medicines not only reduce the severity and recurrence of complaints but it will also improve general health of patient. The cochlea consists of hair cells which sense vibrations of sound waves through movement of fluid in vestibular apparatus and send impulses to brain via cochlear part of 8th cranial nerve.

It can give relief from annoying symptoms like vertigo, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, tinnitus, etc. Patient gets relief from most symptoms of labyrinthitis like vertigo, loss of balance, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, etc. It has holistic approach towards patient which means treating patient as a whole and not his specific disease or parts of body. This medicine will relieve all symptoms as well improve our immunity to fight out infection and other causes. These cells detect the movement of fluid in the vestibular apparatus and convert it impulse that is transferred to the brain through vestibular portion of 8th cranial nerve.
Medicine is selected on basis of cause and symptom details to give relief in shortest time. Homoeopathic medicines selected on symptoms similarity gives best possible results in this case.

Smoking, alcoholism and stress are one of the causes for labyrinthitis and only homoeopathy offers best help for patient to get rid of it. Still patient should not do self-medication and take medicines after consulting a homoeopathic physician. Homoeopathic treatment will not only take care of the symptoms but also the underlying condition and prevent complications. Considering patients nature, lifestyle, physical and emotional aspects medicine is selected.

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