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An old Irving Berlin song begins with the lyrics, “I hear music and there’s no one there.” When the speaker wonders why, he’s told, “You’re not sick. An estimated 50 million American adults have experienced tinnitus at some time, and one in five of those with tinnitus seek medical attention. Tinnitus is the clinical name for ringing in the ears, but it can also include other phantom sounds like buzzing, clicking, hissing, whooshing and pulsating, for which there are no apparent external sources. Have your doctor diagnose your condition by reviewing your medical history and giving you a physical exam to rule out other possible conditions. Cochlear implants may help mask tinnitus with ambient sounds or suppress tinnitus with the electrical stimulation they send through the auditory nerve. Counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy can teach people how to cope to reduce the impact of the tinnitus.

Treatment by a dentist to correct your bite can bring relief if you suffer from a dysfunction of the jaw known as TMJ (temporomandibular joint). There is no convincing clinical evidence to prove that products such as Ginkgo Biloba, melatonin or zinc help patients with tinnitus. It is most common among the elderly and is listed as the most common service-related disability among military veterans—tinnitus is believed to be linked to long-term noise exposure, such as that caused by firearms or loud music. There are two types: primary tinnitus has no obvious cause and is often associated with hearing loss, while secondary tinnitus is associated with an underlying disease or condition and may also be accompanied by hearing loss.
He or she will look inside your ear canal and may find a treatable cause, such as earwax or fluid behind the eardrum. Such therapies range from devices that supply background noise such as a smart phone, CD or MP3 player or radio, to specialized devices made just for the treatment of tinnitus.

Similarly, there is no proof that medications injected through the eardrum, magnetic stimulation or acupuncture can improve tinnitus.
But for the millions of people that suffer from tinnitus, the sounds that occur only inside their own head can cause great stress and anxiety, even interfering with their sleep and daily activities. For more information, visit the American Tinnitus Association, the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and National Institutes of Health.

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