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Tinnitus, the constant presence of phantom sounds, affects around 10% of adults in the UK; for 1% it is severe enough to affect their quality of life. At the heart of the study is a method for manipulating tinnitus, called "residual inhibition".
Prof Andrew King, an auditory neuroscientist at Oxford University, said the results were a "huge step up" in terms of tracing the detailed underpinnings of tinnitus, particularly compared to brain imaging. More on this story 'Tinnitus risk' of noisy nights out 3 February 2014 What people see instead of darkness 3 March 2015 Musical ear syndrome: The woman who constantly hears music 17 December 2012 Who, What, Why: Why is 'the hum' such a mystery?
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Often it takes the form of a ringing sound, but it can be anything from a roar to a hiss.In many cases it begins with partial hearing loss, sometimes due to loud noise wearing out the hair cells that convert sound waves into neural signals, inside the inner ear. On 60 occasions over the course of two days, researchers played their subject a 30-second burst of noise on headphones. This causes the middle ear mechanism (ossicles) to vibrate and send those waves on to the inner ear and brain. The brain adjusts to that loss of input by boosting certain types of activity, creating the impression of a noise that nobody else can hear.Precious opportunityPrevious efforts to pinpoint those changes within the brain have used scanning techniques (such as fMRI), which are much less precise than the electrodes used in the new study. Effects from medications, drugs or alcohol also play an important part in causing tinnitus.
It’s a chain reaction. The electrical impulses in the cochlea are transmitted through the cochlear nerve to the auditory portion of the brain.

It provides much higher resolution information about the changes that take place in the brain - albeit of this one individual - whilst tinnitus is being perceived."Prof King agreed that the findings were a striking confirmation of the idea that tinnitus is not a simple product of changes within the hearing pathway. To try and find the source of his seizures, electrodes were implanted across his left hemisphere for two weeks, ahead of surgery to try and eliminate them.

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