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Tinnitus is derived from the latin term for "ringing" and is typically explained as hearing a ringing or some other sound inside of the head. Tinnitus can be a symptom of many different conditions including neurological damage, ear infections, head trauma and noise damage, both work place, recreational and more and more frequently by listening to loud music etc. Hearing based tinnitus can be when the tiny cilia send sounds into the brain even when no sounds are present. Over the past 20 years working in both hearing clinics and hospital settings we have seen a large number of clients suffering with tinnitus, just like our favourite actor Mr.

In this time we have fit hearing aids on many different patients who have been suffering from tinnitus. Approximately 4 of the 8 people had anywhere from an hour to up to 72 hours of relief after they removed their hearing aids too. While wearing hearing aids most patients stop hearing the ringing inside of their head caused by Tinnitus! Clearly Hearing is dedicated to improving the quality of lives of people living with hearing loss by offering access to high quality hearing aids at the lowest possible prices.

These were primarily clients who had both a sensorineural , or nerve based, hearing loss as well as tinnitus.

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