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Patients don’t typically think about going to their dentist if they have a headache, but at Woodbury Dental Arts, many patients call us their “headache doctors.” Dr. The head and mouth are home to myriad nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and bones, which affect not only your teeth, but your overall health and well-being. Before TruDenta, dentists were trained to fix your teeth, straighten your teeth, whiten your teeth and even replace your teeth. Chronic Migraine is a distinct and severe neurological disorder impacting an estimated 3.2 million* Americans and characterized by patients who have a history of migraine and suffer from headaches on 15 or more days per month with headaches lasting four hours a day or longer. Although Chronic Migraine occurs in both men and women, women are three times more likely than men to suffer from migraines.
Interesting I hadn’t thought about the possibility of headaches being caused by my teeth. Bruxism is a technical term for the unconscious habit of grinding and clenching the teeth.
Oral health studies worldwide have proven that many acute or chronic illnesses originate from disorders of the mouth. It is now known that bruxism is almost always caused by psychological tension and stressful situations. However, dentists were not trained or equipped to diagnose and treat symptoms caused by the complex forces that operate and control your head, mouth, jaw and teeth.

Utilizing systems and methods perfected in sports medicine, these treatments may be able to rapidly and painlessly resolve issues from which many patients have been suffering for years. Kamel can quickly determine if your symptoms can be resolved by the drug-free, needle-free TruDenta system. BOTOX® is the first clinically studied prophylactic treatment to be approved by the FDA specifically for this debilitated patient population. This is one of the good example of advancement of technology specially in Health Care Sector.
I think it’s pretty cool that we have advanced enough to be able to diagnose this kind of problem and then solve it without needles and whatnot. Depending on the duration and intensity of bruxism, severe effects can be chronic inflammation of the jaw joints, and excessive tooth wear and tooth loss, with subsequent gingivitis.
Pain in the jaw joints and facial muscles, headaches, migraines, tinnitus and general daily fatigue are often the first signs of bruxism.
It is therefore not surprising that in our current competitive society, one in two people are already affected.
He has completed extensive training in “complete dentistry’ and understands that teeth are just one part of a larger oral system which includes your head, mouth and jaw. You will even see a real time movie of your bite, and the distribution of the forces within your mouth, on a tooth-by-tooth basis.

It is not known whether BOTOX® is safe or effective to prevent headaches in patients with migraine who have 14 or fewer headaches each month (episodic migraine).
Chronic Migraine also can be influenced by life stress, sleep habits, diet and overuse of acute medications that relieve pain associated with symptoms of headache. Bruxism can be treated in the first instance by a dental or anti-bruxism bite, which is worn at night.
Facial and jaw muscles relax, the teeth are protected, and tooth grinding is often reduced. cases, pain symptoms soon disappear. Until now, custom-made bites could only be made by a dentist – a lengthy and costly procedure. In addition, he is the first Minnesota dentist to invest in TruDenta technology so that he can do the best possible job of treating of his patients.

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