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In our commitment to wellbeing and responsibility towards you, we emphasize on formulating products according to the essence of Ayurveda.
Ingredients that are easily available in kitchen cabinets such as clove, cinnamon, ginger, honey, black pepper, rock salt, cumin, fennel, turmeric, coriander, garlic, onion, licorice, basil and mint are generally regarded as effective home remedies. However, once a disease or ailment has fully manifested and reached the final stage of development, specific treatments are required. Through this website, we have tried to empower and educate people to take charge of their own health with the wisdom of Ayurveda and Nature. Krimi is one of the important ayurvedic formulations that will help in treating intestinal parasites.. To cure all type of women problems, Herbal for women's health, Herbal supplements for women's health..
To cure all the male problems naturally, Herbal supplements for men's health, Cure for all men's dis.. This kit is specifically designed for the persons who are suffering with multiple problem and all me..
Rubber Neti help extract all the impurity and bacteria filled mucus from the nasal and sinus cavitie..
Yogendar Ras helps in minimizing lower back pain, relaxes the spinal firmness and life the spinal mu.. Weak digestion is basically a health problem that can become very serious, and is often the cause of.. Vaginitis is a diagnosis based on the presence of symptoms of abnormal discharge, vulvovaginal disco.. Ayurveda encompasses the healing of body, mind and spirit through diet, lifestyle (including yoga and meditation), medicinal Ayurvedic herbs, and rejuvenating Ayurvedic therapies.
Ayurvedic nutrition shows that food combining and proper cooking methods can make a vital contribution to continuous good health, as proper digestion is one of the basic principles to optimum health.
Ayurveda can provide great insight about which foods will suit and balance you according to your constitution, dosha imbalance, and season. Ayurvedic cuisine is unique for its emphasis on making sure each dish is cooked and spiced so as to achieve maximum digestibility to avoid the formation of toxins (which is a result of improperly digested food). Through our Ayurvedic Cooking Classes, you can Learn to prepare and cook foods properly and avoid combinations that will create toxins in your body.
Joining our Ayurvedic Cooking Course  will create awareness on suitable diet to bring balance, harmony and health into your life, based on Ayurvedic principles and your body type. Learn the basic Ayurvedic concepts of Rasa (taste), Virya (action), Vipak (post digestive effect) and Prabhav (specific action) as applied to foods and spices. Understand why certain eating habits can disturb your health by deranging the Doshas, and much more! During this program you will also be given a Welcome Package with the basic guiding tools to learn how to apply the ancient yet practical knowledge of Ayurveda into your life. Furthermore, we will make sure you understand what you're doing and why, every step of the way, while guiding you on this process at your own pace and according to your own needs. The first way is to steam the vegetables and then add the spices which have been sautéed in ghee, coconut oil or olive oil.
The single most important thing you can do for your health every day of the year is to eat wisely. If you do not eat the right foods, and do not follow good eating habits, medicine won't be of much use in recouping health.
On the other hand, if you eat the right foods for your physiology, and follow a good routine that enhances digestion, your body will not need medicine for the most part.

Tom Cross: i tried the pressure equalising thing but noticed no air release, no matter how much i tried.
AL-Shams Eye Drops is a unique Ayurvedic medicine, which is a result of 30 years of research on various herbs by reputed Vaidya Sh. It is invaluable in protecting the eyes from all pollutions and adverse environment of modern life, like dust, excessive heat, fumes, smoke, etc. Nirmali, Vibhitaka, Haritaki, Gulaab, Madhuyashti, Apamarg, Pippli supplemented by various mineral salts like Samudrifen, Tankan, Shankh Bhasm and Yashad Bhasm. AL-Shams Eye Drops has a very special virtue for curing and preventing diseases such as chronic and acute allergic conjuctivitis, keratitis, dacryocystics.
Do not touch the dropper tip or other dispensing tip to any surface as this may contaminate the solution. AL-Eartone Ear Drops is a unique Ayurvedic medicine, which is a result of 30 years of research on various herbs by reputed Vaidya Sh. AL-Eartone Ear Drops is an aqueous extract of Mulak Kshar, Saindhav, Sarshap, Nirgundi, Dashmool, Haridra, Daru-Haridra, Madhu, Almond Oil, Kadli Swaras, and Jambeer Swaras. AL-Eartone Ear Drops has a very special virtue for curing and preventing diseases such as Ottorrhoea (Pus formation), Deafness, Tinnitus (different noises and voices), Ear pain and swelling in the ears, any type of allergy in the ears.
Four to five drops into each ear canal two times a day and allow to remain for about 5-10 minutes. Immunity Booster Ayurvedic Medicine IMMU-PLUS is very effective in prevention of Immunity Deficiency (like AIDS, Cancer, Tuberculosis, Chronic diseases, etc.).
Prevents Immunity Deficiency (like AIDS, Cancer, Tuberculosis, Chronic diseases, etc.), Improves Immunity.
Amrita Satva, Ashvagandha, Vriddha Daru, Amalki Rasayan, Haritki, Jeevanti, Bhringaraaj, Madhuyashti. A Preventive Ayurvedic Medicine Proxis-Plus is very effective in prevention of Cell Growth Disorders (like Cancer, Fibroid, Tumour, Obesity etc.).
Greater than 30% of cancer is preventable via avoiding risk factors including: tobacco, overweight or obesity, low fruit and vegetable intake, physical inactivity, alcohol, sexually transmitted infection, air pollution. Prevents Cell Growth Disorders (like Cancer, Fibroid, Tumour, Obesity etc.), Removes Toxins from body, Improves Immunity. Guduchi Satva, Vai Vidang, Kanchnaar, Amalki, Vibhitka, Haritki, Shunthi, Marich, Pippal and Tulsi. Our aim to improve the health and wellbeing of people by allowing them to embrace into their lives the wonders of Ayurveda.
We manufacture products with great care, maintain highest quality and follow strict International standards in safety and hygiene in the preparation of our products. Our mission is to rediscover the complete science of life as propounded in ancient Vedic texts, which helps in establishing a peaceful, healthy, prosperous and harmonious society.
Simple home remedies that can be created from natural products of your kitchen or back yard can be very effective in relieving symptoms and preventing further development of a disorder.
These common and easy to prepare home remedies are widely used to relieve a large number of minor ailments and daily health issues.
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AL-Shams Eye Drops is very good for promoting aftercare, developing physical strength of eye muscles, increasing mental function, better, in general, for protecting one against the decline of eye sight.
IMMU-PLUS in combination with PROXIS-PLUS is like nectar (Amrit) for people who have been diagnosed with a disease like cancer.

A run down immune system leaves the body vulnerable to all manner of diseases and illnesses. It increases the number of stem cells in bone marrow and lymph tissue and encourages their development into active immune cells. Proxis-Plus in combination with Immu-Plus is like nectar (Amrit) for people who have been diagnosed with a disease like cancer.
Cell Growth Disorder like Cancer prevention is defined as active measure to decrease the incidence of cancer. We value the relationship we have with our customers and website visitors; hence we extensively research and manufacture only the best quality herbal products and bring them to the world.
We make available a range of easy to use herbal products that enhances health and wellbeing. Home remedies are a combination of commonly used herbs and spices to cure common symptoms or to prevent any ailment. We offer the best Ayurvedic Cooking Classes, Ayurvedic Cooking Course in Melbourne, Australia. Now he tells us he will by no agency carriage watches anyplace afar louis vuitton replica from his wrists. AL-Shams Eye Drops is very helpful in improving eye sight and is very good for eradicating cataract and haziness of the lens. AL-Eartone Ear Drops acts as an Anodyne, Sedative, Antiseptic, Astringent and Dis-infectant. But if this was dangerous we would have a lot of public pool swimmers dying from inhaling much worse pool water. IMMU-PLUS enhances the body's ability to resist infection by stimulating the production of antibodies and macrophages - large white blood cells that scavenge foreign matter. In some cases, even a proper diet can be a home remedy as it reduces the severity of symptoms and avoids unintended aggravation of the condition.
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You never put tap water up your nose that way without boiling it first and letting it cool of course..
The puss from your ear drum or drip from your sinuses can get trapped behind the eardrum because of the swollen tube creating pressure. You want to find an anti inflammatory so that the swelling can go down and the fluids can drain out of the ear and down the throat.
Afterwards take baby oil, pour it in your ear let it sit for 60 seconds and let it drain back out of your ear.
That will help to get the access mucus out of the outside of your eardrum so you can hear clearly again.i»?victorwasright: i did this, only without the medipot, and it worked!

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