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Pedal America donates a percentage of its net proceeds to the League of American Bicyclists.
Piggy-backing The 2015 Cheaha Challenge Gran Fondo Century, this NEW kinder, gentler ride is geared towards new riders and kids of all ages.
To have your charitable event posted on our site, go to our charitable cycling events page to make an informal request. The nonprofit organization works to ensure that federal budgets include dedicated funds for bicycle pathways.
The Cruise is an out and back course all on the Chief Ladiga Trail, a paved rails-to-trails. Riders of all levels join forces in the fight to Stop Diabetes® and raise critical funds for diabetes research, education and advocacy in support of the American Diabetes Association.
All proceeds from the ride, sponsored by the Napa County Bicycle Coalition, benefit the Coalition in an effort to make cycling more accessible and attainable for tourists and loncals of all ages and abilities. Through a partnership with the Chicago Park District, funds raised through Bike4Row will allow Recovery on Water to secure a permanent home in a new boathouse at 28th and Eleanor on the South Branch of the Chicago River.

Riders can expect amazing start and finish energy, fabulous food options at rest stops, a full lunch and live entertainment at the post-ride party, and much more! Proceeds from the rides benefit The Chief Ladiga Trail, Coldwater Mountain Trails, and local high school mountain bike teams.
The event will feature fully stocked Rest Stops, SAG Support on the Century and Metric Century, Snacks provided before the ride and Lunch after at our Melbourne facility. People affected by tinnitus describe it as "ringing, hissing, buzzing, and whooshing" in one or both ears.
There will be a Ride T-Shirt provided to all participants that pre-register and a limited amount of shirts will be available on a first come basis for registration after the pre-registration date. After struggling with tinnitus I joined the ATA and found myself surrounded by support from its Facebook website where many affected people share ideas for coping strategies.

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