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Three months ago I started looking for a pair of hearing aids.  Finding an audiologist and picking HAs has not been easy. I don’t carry an iPod or iPhone with music because my head is already full of melodies and lyrics that come to mind all day long. My first encounter with an audiologist was this type of person who dissed everything I said. Next came a hearing test which consisted of listening to pure tones at several frequencies to produce an audiogram of your hearing loss.  It is supposed to be done carefully in a sound proof booth. I tried to explain the funding was approved, but she jumped up and left the room talking to me as she went. Publisher of NJN Network, Stephen has covered pop, jazz, folk and rock music since 1964, and spent 2 decades as the serial founder of IT startups.

Enter your email address to subscribe to NJN Network and receive notifications of new posts by email. Consumers Reports said that 75% of hearing aid purchases resulted in complaints and 40% never work and sit in a drawer. Generally they are sold by good, better, best models based on how much money you can afford. There are several techniques for masking the sound including therapy and aids that produce a noise cancelling sound.
She had the booth but didn’t bother to close the door and rushed through the test, hardly building my confidence. I have a daughter with a hearing loss and have been dealing with the delightful and trustworthy Provincial Audiologist, Pat Ellis, for the last seventeen years.

What are some of the features you want on your hearing aids and how often would you be using it (would you need for both ears or one, color, etc.) You have a right to inquiry about the funding available to you and there suppose to provide the paperwork and inquiry it for you if worst comes to worst. I believe you have I 3mths test and trail period (inquiry because it varies with different offices).
My ears are very sensitive so If they decide to muck it up more then by all means I think I deserve better service.

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