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Basically, I am sick and if I blow my nose and use my hands to block air coming out, the release of air through my ears, but sometimes I feel as if the drops in the nose is super stuck and now I blew so loud that my ears blown stack and now I can not hear through my left ear. I have seen ear specialists, who have cleared my ears of wax, poured hot liquid solutions down them, and tested my hearing(I have right ear hearing loss caused by loud music and thunder). So, you need to start a journal of incidents and description, so you can track and discover what happens when, and maybe even find a cause.
This way, you can show your doctor your record of how often and how serious over a period of time.
The popping and muffling can be caused by flying in an airplane, and the effects can carrying over. It can be after a bath,swim, or shower where water has gotten in your ears, and pools in the inner ear.

It also can be that you live at a high elevation or move between pressure zones--up and down. The earth is going through a cosmic ascension process as is the planet(climate change), many people who are sensitive or have psychic gifts, are experiencing changes in their hearing,senses and it comes and goes.
ExpertiseSURVEY--Send me answers--Copy paste entire set of questions with your answers underlined. I hold a credentials in parapsychology,pranic healing, Reiki, massage therapy, hypnosis, life coaching, and social work. Exposure to loud noise and taking some medications are preventable causes of tinnitus but there are many other possible causes. People with ongoing tinnitus often find it very debilitating and may suffer from depression and feel irritable and are unable to concentrate or sleep.

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