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It is so important to counter carelessness with prevention, to gather and spread information, not to trivialise and play it down. From his earliest childhood, Chinese star pianist Li Yundi has relied on his excellent hearing. Two years ago I got tinnitus, which will never completely go away, but thank God it does not hinder me professionally.
With a little discipline and even more education we can help people, especially the young, avoid damage to their hearing in the first place. One in ten people in the UK suffer from tinnitus yet the government give no support for research. Awareness is key to getting government funding, and we all have to do everything we can to get through to the powers-that-be. For decades, audifon has been the preferred hearing system brand providing a full range of hearing solutions and accessories to customers more than 65 countries worldwide. Our research & development team strives to provide state-of-the-art hearing solutions driven by innovations and based on German engineering.
Hearing systems with sound generators are used in association with the widely accepted tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT). As part of the therapy, relaxing noise from a TRT system stimulates the hearing and acts as a distraction a€“ especially in quiet situations when tinnitus is often perceived in the absence of a diversion. While scientist Birte and technician Harald stay behind at Climate Research Base Glazius, mineralogist Falk and fellow researcher Janek follow Janek’s dog Tinnitus and discover a strange glacier carrying an unknown red liquid frozen over a cave.
The two men report their strange discovery to Harald and to Birte, who insists on collecting samples.

Janek investigates strange noises and ends up attacked by a rabid fox with the head of a beetle. While the minister’s group hikes to the station, Urs is bitten by a mutated insect and later collapses. Upon returning, Janek learns from Harald that Birte and Falk went to the measuring station to conduct more research and took the satellite phone with them. Bodicek is forced to perform emergency surgery to remove the creature embedded in Geli’s thigh.
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As a teenager I thought it a super idea to sit directly in front of the giant speaker box during an Oasis concert. Many only see the problem when it sits right in front of their noses or rather in their ears. Unfortunately, tinnitus may worsen when you do physical exercises, such as sports, as the physical efforts may intensify the stress caused by tinnitus. In September 2011 they staged a benefit concert with three other ensembles from the famous orchestra. We urge those who experience this disturbing symptom to consult a hearing specialist in order to learn what might have caused the problem and what can be done to alleviate it. Manufactured in Genrmany and the US, every audifon hearing system combines the latest technology with first class workmanship.
Delivering quality design and production, audifon assures an excellent price-value ratio and high customer satisfaction.

Its goal is to habituate the sufferer to the tinnitus over time so that it is no longer perceived as a problem.
Cellist Martin Menking is a member of the Foundation Council: a€?Hearing is every musician's most important asset.
Ita€™s important to protect our vision and hearing so that we can continue to communicate with others, take care of ourselves and our loved ones, and sustain access to humanitya€™s greatest cultural treasures. I'm currently working on releasing a double album called 'I Am the One In Ten', where every artist on the CD has Tinnitus, also everybody involved in the making and releasing the record, from the person who designed the cover, to the radio promotions person.
Our whole life long we have to train it and take care of it, and that is probably why we, in particular, react so strongly to any sort of change or impairment. As musicians, we believe deeply in the significance of the aesthetic message we carry to many parts of the globe, and we want future audiences to be able to process and understand the thoughts and feelings of those who have become our civilizationa€™s guiding lights.
And to be honest: at times I have also experienced the beeping and whooshing in my ear and it had truly frightened me. But even today the beeping sound returns now and again when I am not careful with my hearing.

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