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Thoughts and information about the latest news in the world of migraine, cluster headache and other headache treatment around the world. Taking medications via a needle is a common method to stop a migraine attack after it starts. The downside is that a migraine patient may be more sensitive to pain, and may be suffering from nausea, and using a needle may be a very big deal.
Take for example nasal sprays and nasal powders, needle free injection systems, and skin patches. If you find injections helpful, but very difficult to do (due to the pain, or other reasons), talk with your doctor about some of the many options out there. The thyroid is a part of the endocrine system, a system which puts regulated amounts of hormones in the body. Sometimes headaches, often tension-type headaches, will progress right along with problems with your thyroid.
Although many doctors may present diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as hypothyroidism as an open-and-shut case, it’s not always so easy for someone struggling with headaches. For one thing, anytime you’re dealing with more than one disease, things can get very complicated.
I have been a sufferer from many years, but since being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s [a form of Hypothyroidism] and subsequent treatment for that, attacks have skyrocketed out of control leading to being hospitalized frequently. Yes, it is possible for the treatment to trigger more headache attacks (this may be temporary).
Also, because the thyroid can affect so many parts of the body (and so lead to symptoms such as depression, weight gain, poor concentration, dry skin…), there could be a number of other things causing the symptoms.
A number of specialists recommend at the very least the free T3 and free T4 tests along with the TSH test, but even here there is debate about how to interpret the results. It is very important for migraine and headache patients to think in terms of whole-body health, because every system in the body is inter-connected. Be aware that what you eat, medications you take, your lifestyle, hormonal changes – all these things could have more of an impact on your health than you realize. This catchall phrase gets bandied about a lot in health care circles and the popular press.
The American Academy of Neurology has officially come out in support of Botox, or onabotulinumtoxinA, as a treatment for chronic migraine.
In last week’s print edition of the journal Neurology, new guidelines were released for the use of Botox for chronic migraine, and certain other conditions. On the other hand, the AAN is not recommending Botox for tension-type headache (even it it’s chronic) or for episodic migraine. These recommendations are not suggesting that Botox is the first treatment to try or the best treatment for chronic migraine.

If you’re thinking of trying Botox, be sure to check out How to be Safe with Botox (10 tips). First, I need to stress (no pun intended) that I am not saying that there is no relationship between stress and migraine. This might explain another study that found there weren’t as many stressful events before a migraine attack as you might think. And it could very well be that the relationship comes from the disease, not the disease from the stress. Problematically, the overwhelming majority of studies on stress as a headache trigger have relied on either retrospective or prospective patient reports of stress. Take for example this example from journalist Jo Waters, who was investigating the stress-diagnosis relationship (The doctor says you’re just stressed.
If I had a pound (?) for every patient I see who is told their headache is down to stress, I’d be a rich man. AND ALSO consider behaviours that can reduce stress and help your body better handle stress – and give you other benefits. At the same time, chances are that you would still have migraine attacks if you lived on a beach (with excellent sunglasses) sipping coconut milk and listening to your favourite music all day.
If your doctor keeps prescribing vacations after a 1 minute interview, find another doctor. Promote your product Find out how here - Want to Promote your Product?For advertising information, see Do You Want to Advertise with Us? Thanks for visiting!Quite a variety of posts were your favourites over the past three months. Medications such as sumatriptan and dihydroergotamine may be injected to get the medication into your system faster. We often think about the relationship between reproductive hormones and migraine, but there are many changes in the body which can trigger migraine attacks, or which can be related to other types of headache.
There are various types of dysfunction, though the most common is hypothyroidism – an underactive thyroid. Just because you have a thyroid condition and headache, doesn’t mean you have thyroid headache.
Doctors now agree that the thyroid treatment is responsible for these attacks and are really at a loss how to proceed. There is some debate, for example, about the need to do more than just the standard test (a TSH test). If you’re concerned about thyroid and headaches, consider seeing a specialist who has experience treating both. The concept is quite simple: it means taking care of yourself and not doing stupid things to your body.

For an in-depth overview, check this article from the University of Maryland Medical Center on Hypothyroidism. What if biological differences in the brain of a migraine patient actually make them more aware and more sensitive to stress (as this study suggested)? Could it be that the same stresses are worse for the person who already has migraine – or that the early symptoms of migraine (before the headache begins) simply add to the stress? What is needed are experimental studies that directly manipulate stress, measure resulting physiological changes, and try to link these changes to subsequent headache activity. The problem was that she was going through a stressful time at work so stress seemed to be the obvious cause of all her ills.
Absolutely – regular exercise, good sleep habits, a good diet, avoiding destructive thinking – these are almost certain to provide a benefit!
Testing free T3 and free T4 may also smoke out related conditions that could be triggering headaches and other conditions. But there was also moderate evidence that it could improve overall quality of life, as affected by the headaches from chronic migraine.
In other words, the same amount of stress in person A may trigger and attack in person B because person B’s brain is wired differently (they have migraine disease).
While stress, or the let-down period after stress, can trigger migraine attacks, it occurs in only 10 per cent of cases. But if we overblow the relationship, we will miss some very serious problems that could be solved. That means that someone with a thyroid condition is more likely to also have migraine, or tension-type headache. In addition to the migraineur’s responsibility to be self-aware, vigilant, and mindful of the things that can make headaches worse, health maintenance also simply means living a healthy life. Or are there other factors going along with the stress that are actually triggering the attack (late nights, more coffee, irregular mealtimes)? The reality is that there are lots of other triggers, including dehydration, skipping meals, lack of sleep, disruptions to the body clock, poor posture and hormone changes — yet these are often overlooked.
Most headache sufferers report that their headaches get worse when they have the flu or some other chronic illness, but other, more subtle health issues, such as thyroid problems, vision problems, or chronic stress can also exacerbate headaches. But although the diseases may be related, and even have a common basis, they may need to be treated independently. Regular checkups with your primary care physician are important for this reason, if not others.

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