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Persistent and unexplained noises heard by an individual, that may be of little nuisance or great enough to hamper their daily sleep patterns, could be associated with this ear distress known as Tinnitus. A sensation of continuous ringing or roaring noise within the human ear in the absence of an external stimulus is known as tinnitus – a lesser known ear condition, but that seemed to have traumatized many. Though, all of these and many more home remedies available for treating tinnitus may help the sufferer in finding relief, these are for the most part slow to act.

The guiding information presented in this e-book provides a more holistic solution to the problem, rather than letting one resort to the use of conventional medicines or decide on a surgical approach to help deal with the condition.  The book is written in plain and simple English that any novice in English language will be able to understand the instructions given without much difficulty.
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