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Laser needle acupuncture was developed at the Universities of Graz and Paderborn in Germany in 2000 and is a central therapy in many European clinics.  Laser needle treatment employs fine optical fibers to deliver highly concentrated laser light, allowing for the simultaneous stimulation of multiple points painlessly and non-invasively. In addition to laser therapy’s well known effects to promote biological function, regenerate tissue, reduce inflammation and alleviate pain, the high intensity of laser needles has been documented to produce physiological effects similar to those of traditional metal needles. At the Center for Cooperative Medicine we are studying the effects of laser needle therapy in the treatment of pain using Laserneedle-Touch, a 4th generation, German system. Orthopedic conditions which may respond positively to laser needle treatment include cervical syndromes, coxarthritis, epicondylitis, fibromyalgia, gonarthrosis, lumbar syndrome, Morbus Bechterew, osteoporosis, periarthritis humerus scapularis, polyarthritis, spinal syndromes, rhizarthritis and tendinitis. Besides pain relief, the regenerative effects of the laserneedle irradiation on bone and cartilage may be of particular importance. Treatment may be administered for approximately 30 minutes  x 15-20 visits with 2-3 treatments per week. Needles are important for each kind of acupuncture.  The intensity of the stimulation from the new HED (High Energy Density) laser needles has been shown to have biological effects similar to those of metal needles and, in addition, have a broad range of photobiostimulative effects. Due perhaps to the two-fold nature of stimulation (laser photobiostimulation + acupuncture-like effects), some clinicians and at least one research study comparing laserneedles and classic metal needles have proposed that the former produce superior results.  Just as in traditional acupuncture, multiple laser needles can be placed and stimulated simultaneously.
Each laserneedle channel may be individually programmed with Nogier, Bahr, Reininger and Alpha therapeutic or diagnostic frequencies. Laser needles can be targeted precisely to treat trigger and acupuncture points as well as placed for area treatment in pain with low-frequency transcutaneous optical nerve stimulation (TONS) at 2Hz-100 Hz.  In addition to producing analgetic effects thought to be similar to those of TENS (electrical nerve stimulation), laser irradiation induces an increase of cellular energy in the target tissue by increased ATP synthesis, greater oxygenation and enhanced capillary blood flow. Laserneedle irradiation of the surrounding area with four red LASER NEEDLES to increase the arterial, venous and lymphatic circulation in the area around the ulcus.
Direct, bichromatic irradiation of the ulcus with the KOLINA Spot, equipped with 3 red LASER NEEDLES and 1 blue laserneedle, to eliminate any staphylococcus contamination in the wound and to enhance the metabolism of fibroblast cells. Modern laser needle phototherapy in skin disorders is based on evidence from dermatological research. Blue laserneedle radiation (405 nm specifically) has considerably different biological effects.
405 nm blue laser irradiation has strong antimicrobial effects on poryphyrins-based bacteria such as Proprionibakterium acne, Staphylococcus aureaus, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. In contrast to the established UVA1 phototherapy which employs ionizing radiation, treatment with 405 nm  is completely UV- free (e.g.

Alternatively: photodynamic therapy to invcrease the number of collagen 1 fibres in the dermis. Periodontosis and Periodontosis prophylaxis by effective and non-invasive elimination of porphyrin-based bacteria such as Porphyromonas gingivalis and Prevotella intermedia without any added chemicals – just by blue laser light! The stimulation of trigger-points and acupuncture points by KOLINA-dental leads to an increased release of neurotransmitters due to a specific activation of the pain centers in the hypothalamic area. The application of KOLINA needles for analgetic treatments does not require any additional qualification, simple graphic instructions allow successful treatments after few exercises. The advantages of the painless laser needle treatments can be felt in particular in the treatments of children. Studies show: Stabilisation, energisation, improvement of laboratory values and many other positive effects, often for therapy-resistant disease patterns.
Intravenous laser therapy was performed for the first time around 30 years ago, in the former Soviet Union.
During intravenous laser therapy, a light cable (plastic fibre) is introduced into the elbow vein. Osteonecrotic bone has been documented to be regenerated by direct laser needle irradiation (Morbus Ahlback, Morgus Osgood Schlatter). The cerebral and peripheral effects of laser needle acupuncture have been scientifically investigated in studies and articles published in more than 50 peer-reviewed publications.  The design of laser needles and the new laser needle touch systems  has evolved based upon scientific data and clinical experience. Points chosen can be in accordance with classical acupuncture. One may achieve good therapeutic results in the treatment of low-back pain, joint pain, soft tissue injuries, osteoporosis, respiratory and neurological disorders and in many other conditions. Affected skin areas may be irradiated simultaneously with blue and red laserneedles of high energy density. At sufficient energy densities, immunological and anti-bacteriological effects are induced. Due to its  specific immunological and anti-bacteriological effects, combining blue 405 nm laserneedle radiation with red or infrared biostimulative wavelengths may be near ideal to treat dermatological conditions which may have an infectious component such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, vitiligo and acne vulgaris.
Efficiacy may be almost 100 %, due to the strong Soret-Band Absorption of blue photons in the bacteria. The painless and side-effect free character of laser needle micro therapies is essential in pediatrics.

To do this, laser light was applied through a disposable catheter directly to the flowing blood.
What is exciting is that laser needle irradiation has been shown to enhance significantly the metabolism of osteoblasts, cells which lay down new bone – without influencing osteclasts, the cells which resorb old bone. The effects of the red laser radiation in the skin are well known, increased cellular energy (ATP synthesis), improved microcirculation of blood and lymph and enhanced oxygenation and effects on metabolism during the non-specific irradiation of the skin tissue.
The immunological effects are the inhibition and reduction of Langerhans cells and IgE + Langerhans cells, the inhibition of dermal mast cells and the inhibition and reduction of T-Lymphocytes.
In particular for the treatment of children, 405 nm radiation is safe, side-effect free, even for longer treatment times. The children experience laser needle acupuncture and laser therapy as pleasant and efficient methods. Accompanying medications for inflammatory conditions, joint diseases or skin diseases with antibiotics can often be reduced significantly.
Through various in-vitro tests, it has been confirmed that biological soft laser irradiation of the different blood cells triggers a range of positive effects.
As a result, the equilibrium of bone production-reduction may be shifted to favor the bone formation side of the equation, and increased mineralization as well as stabilization and strengthening of cartilage with enhanced synthesis of hyaluronic acid and proteoglycans has also been found. In these ways and others, red laser light improves the overall regenerative capacity of the skin.
The activity and number of T-lymphocytes, which are infiltrated in the skin is influenced and decreased directly by the 405 nm radiation. With the development of a new instrument, the therapy has finally been used globally since 2005 and, due to the large number of studies reporting positive effects on a multitude of disease patterns, its use has quickly spread.
A decrease of bcl-2 proteins after radiation, which acts as apoptosis inhibitor, has been reported in the literature.

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