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In Italy a low-level-laser therapy is already conducted at hospitals that are financed by the government. This website and initiative arose due to laser therapy experience reports of us three patients with the diseases tinnitus, Meniere's disease, hearing loss and hyperacusis. It was by great accident that each of us happened to discover Low Level Laser Therapy by MD Wilden. With our reports, we want to contribute transparency of the low-level laser therapy (LLLT) in chronic inner ear disorders. Everything is regulated well with that for the doctors as well as for the pharmaceutical manufacturers and the hearing aid industry. None of the treatments performed by scholastic medicine has the status of proved evidence, even if health administration may pay for some of them!
The leading ENT's says regarding the LLLT, that there are studies that proves LLLT has no effect at Tinnitus. There is no doubt that LLLT gives the cells the power to regenerate as proved in many cases. 2011 University of Massachusetts: BIPHASIC DOSE RESPONSE IN LOW LEVEL LIGHT THERAPY - Update.
The Low-Level-Lasertherapy is a really method giving therapy to the causes of Tinnitus and morbus Meniere's. Audio Laser-Kliniken in Hovmantorp in Sweden is treating tinnitus and hearing and balance disorders with laser therapy. A growing number of clinics worldwide are treating tinnitus, hearing loss and Meniere’s disease with low intensity laser light as a primary therapy. Almost anyone with hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo or other disorders related to the ear according to Dr.

Laser therapy has biostimulative and regenerative effects which has been documented to improve hearing loss, tinnitus,  Meniere’s disease and vertigo thought to originate within the ear. Tinnitus, the perception of sound without an external cause, is an emergency signal by cells in the inner ear according to Dr. In our modern society background noise is omnipresent, often at high levels, and our sense of hearing has been universally challenged. Laser therapy has properties to promote biological function and regenerate tissue which may help re-establish normal transmission of nerve impulses. Visit Laser Research in Ear Disorders (Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, Meniere’s to see what researchers have reported in their own words. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is another energy based treatment which has been reported to have positive effects in tinnitus and hearing loss and which may complement laser treatment. Laser therapy may be administered via twin laser diodes directly into each ear while one is lying comfortably in a darkened room. To learn more about how laser and bio-electromagnetic therapies have been applied in ear disorders, click on Laser Therapy in Ear Disorders by David Rindge published in Acupuncture Today.
1 Wilden, Lutz Report on more than eight years of low level laser therapy of chronic inner ear diseases. You can get there a complete translation of the extensive German website in many languages. But in most cases Tinnitus, Morbus Menière and other ear diseases are a result of too much noise in a short or longer time. In addition, you can find more detailed reports of inner ear patients and friends of our initiative.According to the current state of knowledge of scholastic medicine (December, 2013) both Tinnitus and morbus Meniere are being presented as irreparable brain or inner ear defects. We want to bring the many inner ear sufferers note that not usually experienced by conventional medicine about it.

Tinnitus and morbus Menière become also in other European countries and in the USA as postmarked incurable. The problem is to find the right doses for the nerve cells of the inner ear because there are so many different parameters to define the beam and the application times.
Lutz Wilden, virtually everyone responded positively, and average hearing capacity increased by nearly 21%. Wilden believes that tinnitus, hearing loss, vertigo, and altered sensation within the ear are often the result of what he describes as “biological exhaustion of the inner ear”, and this may be due to acute or chronic exposure to sound, antibiotics, other drugs and many other stressors. Acoustic or other trauma, including drugs and even the aging process, may damage delicate cells within the cochlea, an important sound processing structure in the inner ear, resulting in hearing loss. The IXX Annual Meeting of The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Just as placing pressure on the eyes with a finger causes one to see stars, so tinnitus may be the result of stress to the cells responsible for our sense of hearing in the inner ear.
Tinnitus is another frequent consequence in which nerves are stimulated to send impulses to the brain perceived as sound but which has no external cause.
Laser therapy may also reduce middle and inner ear inflammation and even help to reverse ankylosis, fusion of the tiny bones within the ear. The longer and more severe the problem, the greater the time and laser energy which may be necessary.

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