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A 58 year-old dentist fell while waterskiing, landing heavily on the right side of his head. Tinnitus is a persistent ringing in the ears commonly associated with sleep and cognitive disturbances. The Canadian Academy of Audiology defines tinnitus as “the term used for noises or sounds which are heard in one or both ears which do not come from an external source. I also have difficulty deciphering specific words when there is a competing noise, such as a kitchen faucet. Two things can cause noise induced hearing loss (NIHL): actual sound level, measured in decibels (dBA), and the length exposure to high dBA.
Canadian regulations for workplace safety require employers to provide hearing protection for employees where the noise level exceeds 85 dBA (90 dBA in Quebec). I’ve been an avid fitness fanatic for the last 20 years, participating in everything from aerobics to Spinning and even the new Latin dance fitness craze called Zumba. Margaret Cheesman, Principal Investigator at the National Centre for Audiology at the University of Western Ontario in London, says that people in the 40-plus age group are experiencing fairly high rates of hearing loss, and thinks that a good deal of it is preventable.
Frustrated with my own symptoms, I consulted a certified otolaryngologist, who scheduled an audiology test as well as a precautionary MRI to check for internal structural causes. Surprisingly, the audiology test results showed that my hearing is still within an acceptable range.
There are published studies that report specific head and neck muscles contributing to tinnitus, the most common of which are trapezius, infraspinatus, splenius capitis, semispinalis capitis, sternocleidomastoid, middle scalenes, masseter (especially the deep head) and temporalis.
This is because tinnitus is louder in quiet environments when not masked by background environmental sounds.
But you will notice something else – I’m the only one sporting bright orange foam earplugs. I also have difficulty focusing on conversation in environments with a lot of background noise. They are often described as a high-pitched ringing but can also be described as a buzzing, hissing, pulsing, whistling, roaring, or various other sounds.” As many as 360,000 Canadians suffer from tinnitus. Before realizing I had symptoms of hearing loss, my husband would accuse me of not listening, whereas to me, it seemed he mumbled. A busy mom, she can’t believe how high noise levels are at her kids’ recreational events such as swim meets, where even the competitors sometimes miss the sound of the starter’s horn.
In the Spinning class, the sound level ranged between 88 and 95 dBA and shot up to 98 when the instructor hollered some motivation for the last few hill climbs.

A 2001 Canadian Hearing Society survey found that hearing loss affects almost a quarter of people between the ages of 40 and 60. The doctor found that my tinnitus and focus issues are likely symptoms of NIHL, stating that I will “just have to learn to live with them.” He suggested I try tinnitus retraining therapy, which takes almost two years to complete and involves listening to audiotapes of varying sound levels and retraining your brain to ignore the phantom tinnitus sounds. She likes to see people actually ask to have the sound turned down and “not make the assumption that we’re the only ones finding it too loud”.
My earplugs reduce sound by 33 dBA, bringing my fitness class exposure down to a level in the sixties, a safe number for any duration of time. If you have a ringing sensation or muffled feeling after exposure to noise, this means your ears have been overloaded and need some quiet time to recover. I can’t say for sure if your tinnitus will worsen even with ear protection, but I would suggest you discuss ear protection further with your doctor or ask for a referral to a hearing specialist who may be able to recommend a better earplug than the foam ones. She writes custom content for health care brands and providers as well as articles for print and online publications. CAT scans, cerebral angiogram and X-rays performed at Massachusetts General Hospital’s ENT department were all found to be normal.
He experiences the most relief when performing isometric contractions of his neck muscles. The instructor cranks up the stereo in the small room that holds 15 bikes, donning her microphone so the class can hear her instructions over the music. Noise exposure is its leading cause, and the Canadian Hearing Society says that hearing loss is occurring at an increasingly younger age.
She helped out as a timer at one event and her own ears were ringing afterwards from too much exposure. In these cases, you have to be your own sound level control board, managing both your exposure and duration. Exposure for an hour, three or four times a week on a regular basis, can add up to significant cumulative damage.
Furthermore, 70 percent of those who claimed to have hearing loss were under 60, with an average age of 51.
I don’t want my tinnitus to get worse; when I’m 65, and I want to be able to hear gentle breezes and the laughter of a grandchild. Try noise-reducing headphones, and set a volume limit for personal stereos when in a quiet room. If you have to shout into someone’s ear to be heard when you are standing right beside her, the sound level is too high.

Good for you to seek a consultation with an audiologist to figure out what’s going on with your son! I find the foam earplugs cut out enough decibels that the sound is in a comfortable range for me and yet I can still hear the fitness instructor’s voice over the music.
William Teachey, has corresponded that 50% of sufferers will get no response to soft-tissue interventions, 25% will respond very well, and 25% will realize some benefits to soft-tissue treatment.
We have designed our Tinnitus Masker to Block Out tinnitus when you are trying to relax or get to sleep in quiet places. Even worse, it turns out my favourite fitness activities have the potential to hasten my journey into a silent world. I’m lucky my personal buzz is not very loud; some people suffer from tinnitus so debilitating it leads to increased stress and, in some cases, depression. A friend came over to talk to me after Zumba finished, and although I was only three feet from her, she was shouting at me as if I were across the room. I use them for any class with loud music, whether it’s a spinning or a body sculpt class.
This CD is not simple nature sounds or white noise, but a careful combination of nature sounds and specially designed masking sounds to block out tinnitus while also being relaxing to listen to for long periods. Similarly, the little hair cells in your inner ear can withstand some abuse, but over time, they cannot recover and hearing loss results.
I’ve never seen him showing any kind of hearing difficulty but this time when asked he said that he hears a buzzing sound in his ears. Foam earplugs are a little tricky to use, as you have to hold them for a minute or so until they expand properly in your ear canal to block the sound.
Another idea is to ask the instructor to turn down the tunes – I bet you are not the only one who finds it way too loud.
Since beginning the exercise classes, I would stuff Kleenex in my ears and have always used this method when at the movies or exposed to loud sounds.

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