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The persistent ringing in the ears, that is the constant bane of those suffering from the noise that tinnitus produces have found that using some type of tinnitus masker is helping to block or counteract the ringing or buzzing sounds they live with constantly.
Most of the maskers that are used have a soft white type of noise that gives your mind something else to listen to and they override the noise produced. There are certain events that contribute to the propensity of a person developing the condition; these include congenital hearing loss conditions, irritation of the ear canal or repetitive loud music played directly into the ear.
Audio cassette discs or MP3 players are the most common form of media used for tinnitus maskers because they are light and portable which makes for easier use when sleeping. With the advent of computer software specifically designed for creating tinnitus masking, the range and quality of the sounds created make it possible to address a specific range of tinnitus. One other technique that is used by tinnitus sufferers is to have a pillow equipped with tiny speakers, that allow for the music or background noise to be more effective.

It is estimated that those using the tinnitus maskers are able to help over ninety percent of the people being treated for the problem. The sounds of tinnitus are perceived to be much louder when the surrounding area is calm and noise free, therefore the use of white noise type of recordings is most effective. This is wonderful news for those who have their daily life interrupted by the constant noise that surrounds them all of the time. Ocean surf, waves and gently flowing water are some examples of the types of noise recorded for use.
The more effective sounds that are used by sufferers, the better they are able to cope with handling the noise they keep hearing. That is why good protection and judgment of what kinds of noise to allow near your ears is very important.

The difference between the background sounds and the decibel level of the sounds heard is what determines the effectiveness of the treatment. The damaging effects of loud noises from work or play can adversely affect your hearing and be partially responsible for the development of tinnitus in many people over time.

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