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Misophonia Online – What is Misophonia?Treatment - Misophonia Online - What is Misophonia? The exact cause of misophonia is unknown and there is no completely effective universal treatment for misophonia.
Members of our support forum may have some suggestions to help reduce the intensity of triggers and discuss possible treatments. Some people avoid triggers to reduce their stress and although others think that exposure to triggers may desensitize one from the negative effects of trigger events, most people with misophonia do not agree. The use of sound machines, ear plugs and sound masking by other methods is a common and often effective treatment and can be very helpful in many cases.
Research into possible treatment methods is vital and supporting research is the only way answers will be found. What I do to deal with these sounds are not reccomended to others however I like to place one foot down on the ground and kick it with the heal of my other foot as hard as possible without attracting too much attention to refocus myself on me; clawing, pinching and punching are also different methods of doing this. My doctor gave me small doses of anti-depressant (Effexor) and while I usually believe people should try other treatment than drugs, it sure beats self-harm. It would’ve never crossed my mind to be chewing gum in class, I couldn’t even imagine to be popping bubbles!
I’m 33 and I have been suffering from this my entire life too and just found out it is a real thing only two years ago!
Hi, I’m 44 and have suffered with this since I was in my early teens, and now my 17 year old daughter also has it, although I think hers is more severe than mine.
From a partner perspective cutting out triggers can be hard if not impossible, but it when it involves simple and necessary things like breathing and drinking.
I just wish there was a little understanding and recognition of how hard it is to live next to this problem, when you constantly get negative responses from just living a normal boring life. One thing I don’t understand and maybe someone can help with… How come he can not hear me talking in the same room but can hear me clear my throat or eating crisps in another room? I am a musician, so my sensitivity to sounds and picking out specific sounds is heightened.
I almost always sit in the last row of the movie theater so there is no one behind me slobbering on popcorn.
So, maybe my advice is just being aware of the issue and making sure that those close to you know and to tell them not to take it personally. I just saw this on Facebook today, and cannot believe there is an actual name for what I’ve been dealing with these last several years. Currently, there are some journal articles and reports on the treatment of misophonia but more work is being published as research and treatment methods are explored. Those who have a healthy and balanced diet, engage in consistent and adequate exercise and manage stress may have less intense or less frequent problems with sensitivity to sounds.

Also, I like to tense up all my muscles as hard as I can which gives me the feeling of a release of energy when I let it go. It got pretty bad for me too but now there is a lot I can tolerate and I rarely get angry anymore.
We initially believed that it was just part of general SPD(sensory processing disorder) but, while I eventually became more acclimated to other sensory problems related to physical sensations and noise levels, I have not “grown out” of my misophonia.
I cannot use the foam ones as they just dont make any difference in blocking out the noise for me so I use silicone ones now as the wax ones gave me much worse ear ache! I thought this disorder could be related to OCD after watching a series on Netflix about OCD. But only this morning I screamed at my husband to STOP STROKING YOUR BEARD, for god sake!!!! The clicking of the ball point pen, the flipping of the pages in a magazine, clipping toe nails, swinging of a crossed leg, jiggling of a foot, clearing of a throat repeatedly, shuffling of cards on an airplane, chewing gum, ticking clocks, water dripping, someone with long hair twisting it around while talking with me , ANYTHING THAT DISTRACTS ME FROM FOCUSING ON THE EVENT AT HAND. They seem to help integrate the sound in a manner that works to permanently integrate the sound. The one thing I can tell you is that a lot of studies done on this say that the closer the person is to you, the more the noises bother you. I’m a 19 year old college student, and I began noticing that the sound of people eating around me, more so when they chew with their mouths open, drove me CRAZY.
Misophonia is not yet classified as a discrete disorder in the DSM-5 or ICD-10, so increased public awareness may help encourage more research into possible treatments for this disorder. My mother’s breathing is the fist trigger I remember and caused significant stress between us but we have a great relationship now. I find that I can go weeks though where my ears are agony and any sort of suction like putting ear plugs in is awful…unfortunately there is no other option. Although it is easier to cope with the older you get, I find there are new triggers almost weekly! Let me say that I have always made fun of my condition telling people it is not them, it is my problem; however, just knowing that there are others out there like me makes me feel a lot better !! I use regular hearing aids with a mild flat gain frequency response then turn on the masker.
This website often publishes invitations from researchers to participate in data gathering such as interviews, surveys and questionnaires and hopefully effective treatments will eventually be found. Friends but for teachers I have to keep the anger to myself which normally leads to inflicting pain to take the attention from the noise to myself.
Putting on my headphones and listening to music usually helps, though there are some triggers that I can still hear even after I put on my headphones and turn them up to a blasting level. In school, when someone next to me is chewing gum, I lean my ear on my hand, dimming out the sound.

Every once in while I still stand up and yell at her to “STOP BREATHING!” but the stress goes down a bit and I immediately tell her I love her before I leave the room.
I realize I have an extreme reaction (the desire to eradicate the offender) but doesn’t some responsibility lie upon the rude smacker, clicker or slurper?
I am trying to find ways to help my daughter cope with this as this is coming between our little family, her dad is her trigger, its very tense most evenings!
The patient selects how the masker is set for frequency and loudness and we create 3 or 4 different programs that can be used in different environments. Any kind of breathing, chewing, moving around because he can see it out the corner of his eye. It was really hard with my grandparents who chew gum loudly, and they have in general refused to accept a lot of my mental health problems as real and used to blame my parents for, “raising me wrong.” School is really hard for me.
He has terrific manners – chews with his mouth closed, doesnt over stuff his mouth, doesnt talk while eating, doesnt slurp.
I carry earplugs with me everywhere (the purple foam kind you can find at rite aid are the best).
You get the idea… But still when the random occurrence of a strange mouth noise occurs I cannot help but get angry. I can think back to MULTIPLE times where someone by me would be chomping their gum in class, snapping it, etc, and for the rest of the class period I couldn’t focus on anything but that noise. Entire lumbar, cervical and much thoracic spine, muscles, ligaments, tendons I have destroyed through tensing, writhing and violent seizing of my body and limbs for over 50 + years of my 62 years. Like musician earplugs, they block out some noises but you can still here people talk to you. Strangers can annoy me too – but I always experience this with those who are the closest. I’m right handed so if I need to I can cover up my left ear with my hand and continue to write with the right one. But I do not wish to insult you or the others out there inflicted with this with what you all ready know. Knowing that this is a real problem with a name has given me some confidence in actually talking to people I know and asking them to stop certain behaviors around me if they can. I had no idea this website existed and am exited to find a support system and others who understand what it is like!

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