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Therapeutic Ultrasound is an excellent way to stimulate the muscle tissue beneath the skin in a way that helps to relieve pain. Patients whose treatment protocol calls for the use of ultrasound tend to describe the treatment sensation as something that melts away the pain and the tension in the head and neck muscles. Trigger points are frequent contributors to the pain and muscle tension that a patient experiences when speaking of headaches, migraines, and muscle tension.
Furthermore, getting meds from a doctor or specialist can only temporarily relieve your pain.
Contact the Headache Center of Chicago today if you’re ready to receive a comprehensive diagnosis for your pain condition.

Here at the Headache Center of Chicago we use therapeutic ultrasound to treat patients who experience chronic headaches, painful migraines, debilitating head and neck muscle tension, and other conditions.
The sound waves produced by an ultrasound device can penetrate as far as 5 inches beneath the skin, and therefore provide clinicians with a tool for treating areas of the body that are not easily accessible.
Treating pain conditions without needing to physically penetrate the skin or rely on pain-relieving or anti-inflammatory medications is a huge benefit, and our patients would agree. Stress, muscle strain, and arthritis are frequent culprits that are commonly managed with temporary over-the-counter pain relievers.In this patient’s case, however, pain meds weren't very helpful. In other words, just getting ultrasound from your local chiropractor is almost invariably not enough.

This is known as Forward Head Posture.Oddly enough, we couldn't really tell how extreme it was simply by looking at her.
It's simply a signal of inappropriate muscular activity, inflammation, and compromised structural integrity.

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