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Claims of hearing loss can sometimes result in larger monetary settlements from insurance companies or in the proceedings of litigation.
In addition to malingering of hearing loss, individuals may complain of ear pain, hyperacusis and tinnitus.
As hearing loss and tinnitus are subjective conditions, when there is a potential to gain by convincing another group of people that one has these disorders, it is common to encounter individuals claiming to have lost hearing or to have tinnitus.
For hearing loss, this is a foolish undertaking, as there are abundant methods of showing that someone actually hears better than they admit. As is the case for malingering in general, inconsistency between subjective claims and objective measurements is often the key clue. There are many simple methods of detection of an inconsistency between subjective claims of hearing loss (e.g. Another method of hearing testing that does not require cooperation is the auditory steady state response (ASSR) Attias et al, 2014. A regular audiogram was not very revealing -- often people forget that audiograms basically just test every octave -- if the ear is damaged somewhere other than the tone being tested in that octave -- the audiogram can be normal. However, a more careful audiogram that covered the frequencies around the tinnitus was abnormal.
Audiograms are subjective tests, and in theory at least, someone could pretend not to hear at this frequency.
From the combination of the tinnitus match, detailed and careful audiogram, and sweep OAE, it is clear that this patient has objectively confirmed inner ear damage. Tanit Ganz Sanchez*, Milena Perez Mak**, Maria Elisabete Bovino Pedalini***, Cristiane Passos Dias Levy****, Ricardo Ferreira Bento*. Introduction: Subjects with tinnitus and normal hearing sensitivity represent an important study group, since hearing loss doesn't interfere with their results.
Objective: This prospective cohort study intends to determine audiometric and tinnitus temporal evolution in patients with normal hearing sensitivity.
Methods: Thirty-six patients admitted to the Tinnitus Research Group of the Hospital das Clinicas of the University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine from 1995 to 2003 with normal hearing thresholds were called for a new evaluation of their tinnitus through a questionnaire and for a new audiometry. Conclusions: Although tinnitus neither worsens with time, nor changes other parameters significantly, most patients with tinnitus and normal hearing develop hearing loss, confirming that tinnitus may be the first symptom of damage in the auditory pathways in these patients. INTRODUCTIONTinnitus is a kind of endogenous sound sensation with no correspondent on the environment, which affects about 15% of American population (1, 2). 42 year-old male with no significant medical history presenting to ENT clinic after referral from PMD for perforated TM.
Since then, the patient has not had any further ear pain or discharge but is left with persistent and constant hearing loss and ringing (high-pitched, non-pulsatile).
AD: Decreased acuity to finger rub, EAC with some cerumen, cleared to reveal central perforation in posterior-superior quadrant of tympanic membrane. Dossier Cuisine Si vous trouvez le pamplemousse trop acide, vous l'aimerez sans doute davantage en patisserie. Dossier Lifestyle La France est reputee dans le monde entier pour ses delicieuses patisseries.

Tinnitus with a Normal Audiogram: Physiological Evidence for Hidden Hearing Loss and Computational Model. Pays du surf et des kangourous, destination "cool" par excellence, l'Australie et ses lointaines contrees font rever les voyageurs depuis des generations. The audiology community has an immense repertoire of procedures available to it to detect such behavior.
Predicting Hearing Thresholds in Occupational Noise-Induced Hearing Loss by Auditory Steady State Responses. Tinnitus was referred as constant in 75% of first assessment and changed to intermittent in 53.8% of second assessments, with no other significant differences. In Brazil, we do not have definite statistical figures yet, but the American over incidence suggests the existence of approximately 25 millions of Brazilians with tinnitus (3, 4). The patient last had normal hearing approximately 1yr ago when he noted acute onset of right ear pain, discharge, hearing loss and ringing in the setting of fever and a productive cough. The patient describes a history suggestive of acute otitis media complicated by TM perforation. Souvent, c'est a la pluie, au vent et a la grisaille que l'on pense en premier quand on evoque le Touquet, le Treport ou Malo-les-Bains. On a finalise le menu, reflechi a la decoration de la table, on a achete (presque ?) tous les cadeaux, et on les a meme emballes !
Mais parce qu'en regardant leurs guides gourmands de la capitale des Pays-Bas c'est l'expression qui nous est venue a la bouche egalement on s'est dit qu'on pouvait leur emprunter, et rebaptiser, le temps d'un dossier bonnes adresses, Amsterdam en Amsterd-miam ! We purposefully limit the information on this page, but it isn't difficult to detect malingering. Both evaluations were also compared within those who developed hearing loss and those whose hearing remained normal.
He does not recall an inciting event (trauma, swimming) to this initial episode, and had no previous history of ear infections. Persistent perforation seen on examination today can result in the tinnitus and hearing loss the patient complains of. Someone who claims to be deaf on audiometry, but has normal OAE tests, is likely to be pretending. He saw his PMD several days later, was told he had a perforated ear drum and was treated with antibiotics. However the marked sensorineural component remains unexplained, particularly given the patient reported previously normal hearing. While there is some evidence that acute otitis media can lead to sensorineural hearing loss, it is typically only mild and only in high-frequency ranges.1,2  Plan for further evaluation with repeat audiogram and MRI IAC, RTC when studies completed. Tinnitus with a normal audiogram: physiological evidence for hidden hearing loss and computational model. It is possible that hidden hearing loss is a common condition in humans and may underlie some of the perceptual deficits experienced by people with clinically normal hearing.
According to different reports, 85% to 96% of patients with tinnitus present some degree of hearing loss (3, 5-8).

Some authors consider the theory that tinnitus is a result of balanced mechanism to reduce disfunction of peripheral hearing pathway (9), what means, tinnitus is a consequence of hearing loss existence (10).Only from 8 to 10% of the patients with tinnitus have normal hearing (11) and they cannot be explained by the same theory.
In these individuals, isolated tinnitus presence means that it can be the first symptom of diseases usually diagnosed by hearing loss.
Therefore, although they are rare, these patients have an interesting sample because their information can be related only to tinnitus and not to hearing loss, which follows the majority of cases.However, in the vast literature on tinnitus in normal hearing, there is no longitudinal study evaluating these patients development at medium or long term to confirm hearing loss emergence, at least, up to the moment.
So, pointing the importance of better evaluating these individual, the target of this study is to analyze temporal development of tinnitus and hearing on patients who have normal tinnitus and audiometry. If this is correct, the study on tinnitus can obtain importance in the specialty for justifying the attention to this complain from the professionals.
Analysis way of the resultsAfter digitalizing and checking of data consistency, it was made a descriptive analysis with calculation of frequencies to categorical variables and central (medium) tendencies and dispersion to quantitative variables. Evaluation 1 and 2 data were analyzed without considering the type of treatment made in the period between them. To evaluate hearing development, it was calculated tonal threshold average of severe frequencies (205 and 500 Hz), medium frequencies (1000 and 2000 HZ) and acute frequencies (3000 and 8000 Hz) of each ear from each patient (t-paired test).
The average frequencies in evaluation 1 between NG and AG were compared by t-test of independent variables.To evaluate tinnitus of all studied patients and in each group (AG and NG), it was used t-paired test to compare non-binary features in evaluations 1 and 2 (age, localization and numerical scale). In relation to the type of hearing loss, only one patient presented hypacusis, the other types were sensorineural one. In relation to frequencies, one patient (6.3%) presented alteration only in severe frequencies and 8 (50%) presented alterations only in acute frequencies.
Bone and air pathways were more affected in acute frequencies and in left ear, what occurred in 33.3% of the patients observed or 75% of AG (table 3). The comparison of the audiometries between evaluations 1 and 2 (t-paired test) showed an expressive difference between the average of acute frequencies (3000 and 8000 Hz) in both pathways, in both ears, and in medium frequencies (1000 and 2000 Hz) in bone and air pathways, indicating that the tonal threshold are, in fact, higher in evaluation 2 than in evaluation 1. Picture 1 represents Kaplan-Meyer curve showing the time up to the event, in this case, hearing loss.II. Therefore, we agree on that otoacoustic emissions test in patients with tinnitus and normal tonal audimetry can be an early evaluation to detect cochlear alterations in relation to hearing loss appearing. Sao Paulo, 2003 (Tese de Livre-Docencia, Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Sao Paulo).5. Head noises in normal and in normal and disordered ears: significance, measurement, differentiation and treatment. Tinnitus with normal hearing sensitivity: extended high-frequency audiometry and auditory-nerve brain-stem-evoked responses.
Experiencia do Hospital das Clinicas da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Sao Paulo.

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