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This is a great post, I have been admiring your blog from afar for a few months now and love the food photography I think it is brilliant.
I'm allergic to latex (life-threateningly so), which means that I *might* cross-react with avocados, bananas, sweet chestnuts or kiwi fruit. Great post and amazing images, as usual!The wife of a very good friend of mine is gluten-free. I love your refreshing and gracious support for people with food allergies and intolerances! The idea that people don't take allergies seriously frustrates me too, I have a good friend that has a sever Latex allergy and she has to deal with it every day, such a trooper, but when she visits I am super on the ball making sure she is ok and accommodating her needs.
Whenever I invite people for dinner I am sure to ask for allergies and intolerances and make the proper adjustments, or at least make sure to include plenty of dishes that they will be able to enjoy. I remember one time they were at my place for lunch and she told me that she appreciated that she never has to remind me of her dietary restrictions. I'm allergic to yeast, I thought it was a gluten intolerance for years, but eventually worked it all out. I would LOOOVE to eat beautiful eggs, soft boiled, meringues, perfectly poached, but I cannot. Like you, I have a gluten intolerance, and I can't even count the number of meaningful glances exchanged when I mention it! Having some parameters can actually help me reign in some of my ideas and settle on a menu more quickly!What a clever presentation for a savory dish! It's been a long time since I was told there was no flour in a dish only to have the protein come out on a bed of pasta.Beautiful post!
I've been living with food allergies for a while now, including wheat allergy, so I found myself identifying with this post.
The problem with me is that apparently my body builds up resistances to grains when I eat them too often, so I have to keep rotating them.

And I agree, making sure every one at the table is able to enjoy the same meal is what really matters.
I can only talk about personal experiences and of those around me.Lauren at Celiac Teen for example is allergic to gluten. Add vegetarianism to the list and you have one fussy eater!As I said, this recipe looks incredible and I'm very, very excited to give it a go! Primarily because my level of physical activity does not call for ingesting copious amount of carbs.
I'm more than happy to accommodate for multiple religious and dietary requirements in the same meal, and fortunately most of my friends are understanding and will accommodate for me too. While she will get really strong physical reactions within hours, mine will build over days.
Hers will manifest after one speck of gluten ingested by taking her digestive track for a spin, making her brain as cottony as the pillow she'll use to sleep it off.
It will take several days of glutenized meals for me to get vertigo, tinnitus, aura fullness where I'll have to lie down and hope it stops soon so I can get back to work again.
I even have to remember to thoroughly and completely scrub my fingers after breaking eggs otherwise I will be in a world of itch and hurt. And as far as I can tell, we're not wearing a line on our foreheads that reads "gluten can't pass these lips." We just deal with it. So when my friends, family or anyone coming to eat at my table says "I am allergic to this or that." I don't question. I get terribly aggravated when I have to explain I am gluten intolerant and can't have "regular" flour and I can tell the first thought in some people's mind is "here's another low card fad freak." Ugh no.

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