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DetailsLevel 3: SourceA 4.2 How is speech comprehension affected by sound exposure and hearing loss? Environmental Emergencies Part 1 Wilderness Emergencies Emergency Medicine Clerkship Series Author: Todd A.
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With rest and oxygen, your significant other has recovered at base camp Now armed with more knowledge –Begin ascent again –Youre at camp 4000 ft from the summit again, and a storm hits – youre stuck! A normal-hearing person can understand the words in a sentence if about 30% of the information is present.

Tinnitus can either be objective, when the sound can also be detected by an external examiner, or subjective, when no such sound can be detected. When the hearing threshold in the better ear is at or below 25 dB, this will pose very little or no hearing problems. Listeners can fail to understand speech if the volume of the sound is below the threshold value they can hear, or if there is a background noise that masks the sound signal. At the other extreme, threshold values in the better ear at or above 81 dB result in the listener being unable to hear and understand even a shouted voice. 4 days into the climb, you are at camp 4000 ft from the summit, and she complains of a headache and is confused….. Sometimes it is very short-lived and happens only after exposure to loud sounds but it can also be more persistent. People with hearing loss at high frequencies have difficulties understanding speech in noisy environments such as a party where there are many different conversations taking place or in large rooms with a lot of echoes such as a church hall. Tinnitus that lasts for more than five minutes and not only after loud sounds is called a€?prolonged spontaneous tinnitusa€™ (PST). For instance, if a normal-hearing person can communicate at a party at a distance of about one meter, a high-frequency hearing loss of about 40 dB makes it impossible to do so; the listener has to come closer to the speaker and reduce the distance to half a meter.

Studies in young people show that people with substantial exposure to loud sounds are more likely to have tinnitus than their unexposed peers, and the higher the exposure the greater the likelihood of developing tinnitus. The threshold of hearing is set at 0 dB HL and levels between 0 and 20 are considered to be normal. Therefore, high-frequency hearing loss, whether aided or not, will cause poorer speech understanding in a noisy environment. Some theories involve sensory cells or nerve fibres in the ear which are more active than normal. Other theories focus on the organ of the inner ear that converts sound into electrical impulses (cochlea). When it is damaged, the nervous impulses in the hearing system may become very active and the brain may not be able to suppress them. Other people have trouble focusing on particular sound frequencies; they cannot tune in to sounds of interest and are distracted by background noise.

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