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Quality Hearing offers a variety of the most technologically advanced hearing aids and accessories in the latest styles and brand names available.
With the Z Series and the 3 Series we deliver our most advanced full line of wireless products. Xino Series is a wireless hearing aid from our Starkey Brand that aids our patients in the relief of the tinnitus condition. OtoLens takes advantage of Starkey’s Voice iQ, a new noise reduction and speech preservation system that is so fast and smart it reduces noise between syllables of speech. SURFLINK Remote is a solution for patients who prefer a remote control to adjust their hearing aids.

We have put together the best line of products available to make your experience easy and rewarding as you get the highest level of products and service at an affordable price. These products are packed with our industry leading features including our next generation 900 MHz technology, BluWave 4.0 operating system and Voice IQ2, leading the way in performance, comfort and sound quality. With the addition of Voice iQ, Starkey’s new industry-leading noise reduction and speech preservation system, S Series™ delivers maximum performance, comfort and personalization to fit any lifestyle and hearing need. Our SURFLINK Mobile 2 with Just Talk is a cell phone transmitter, assistive listening device, media streaming and hearing aid remote all in one.
You simply plug a TV, radio, or MP3 player into the SURFLINK Media unit and sound is streamed directly to any SURFLINK compatible hearing aid in range without any pairing or body worn relay devices.

That means you’ll hear more because it adapts to your?personal?listening?needs and the way you like to hear.

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