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This treatment process involves an extensive and detailed audiological evaluation of your condition, including several different counseling sessions that involve using external sounds and frequencies through sound devices.  These sounds are used as a way to train the subconscious mind to ignore the ringing, hissing, and buzzing sounds that often cause tinnitus sufferers so much anguish. Because there are no side effects to the testing, the physician can utilize a variety of hearing evaluation tests in order to determine the level of tinnitus in each individual patient.  These tests are a series of low level sound waves that are sent into the ear and the patient is asked to determine whether or not they help reduce their tinnitus symptoms . Tinnitus retraining therapy is not a quick process, and the treatment typically takes from one to two years to complete, but is dependent on how severe the tinnitus is within each individual patient. These therapy sessions help train the brain to gradually disregard the unwanted noises over time. Studies conducted at the University of Maryland and Emory University’s Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Centers have shown that patients with tinnitus have experienced an 80% success rate after having committed to the therapy sessions. So does tinnitus retraining therapy really work?  Generally speaking, yes, so long as patients are willing to stay committed over the long-term. Staying committed to the therapy sessions for the time your physician says is needed, and following up regularly with your doctor is the best way to ensure the process is given a chance to work.  Once you have met with your physician, they will be able to better diagnose if your tinnitus is simply related to the inner ear or an indication of a much more serious health issue.

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Oorsuizen (tinnitus) is een lastig fenomeen en kan je persoonlijk en sociaal leven serieus ontwrichten.
Hyperacusis, een auditieve nachtmerrie hyperacusis is een aandoening die jaarlijks duizenden levens op stelten zet, die meer en meer voorkomt in onze luide westerse. Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Many patients see significant improvement within the first six months even though they are encouraged to continue the therapy until the process has been completed.
Depending on the severity of the symptoms, therapy can include stress management, music therapy, and amplification therapy.  Once the physician understands the severity of your condition, the appropriate therapy will be utilized to improve your tinnitus.

This treatment doesn't actually reduce the intensity of tinnitus symptoms or get rid of them. This is called tinnitus retraining therapy, and it is as intensive and extensive as it sounds. This method, tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT), uses a combination of low level, broad-band noise and counseling to achieve the habituation. Whether it be by the use of antibiotics and maskers to tinnitus retraining therapy to natural products which have caught the medical world off guard due to their success there is a way now to stop the ringing in your ears.
Whether it be maskers or tinnitus retraining therapy or one of the holistic approaches that have quickly become the number one treatment choice.

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