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Relief From Tinnitus is an amazing self hypnosis recording from master hypnotherapist Duncan McColl, designed to help to give you relief from symptoms of tinnitus.
We are very confident that you will experience the benefits of 'Relief From Tinnitus' when played over time.
Tinnitus Masker Pro goes a step further than standard masking products , allowing you to experiment with an infinite number of combinations of sounds and frequencies until you find the best masking effect for your symptoms. It is highly recommended that you listen to the recording at least twice a week in this fashion.

If there is no benefit after 30 days of playing we will refund your money so you have everything to gain by ordering now. If you have any doubts about your mental or physical health you should visit your doctor as soon as possible. In the past, sufferers wishing to mask their symptoms usually ended up purchasing many masking CDs and hardware maskers in an effort to find a suitable masking effect for their particular tinnitus symptoms. You can then play the combination of sounds back in realtime, or record the sound output to wav or mp3.

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