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Bellarine Hearing is an accredited provider of services under the Commonwealth Government’s hearing services scheme. We provide audiometric testing services for the majority of Geelong’s Ear, Nose and Throat specialists. Rod completed his diploma in audiology from Melbourne University in 1990, having obtained his Science degree majoring in Physiology and Microbiology. Rod has a keen interest in the psychological impact of hearing loss and motivational factors relating to hearing aid usage.
Catherine completed her diploma in audiology in 1990, having obtained her science degree majoring in Genetics and Zoology, and worked with National Acoustic Laboratories (now Australian Hearing), training in both adult and paediatric specialist roles. In 1995 Catherine commenced work with Western Hearing Services in Perth, and 1998 she and Rod were given the opportunity to set up a permanent site for Australian Hearing Bunbury. Karen is the office manager, and is responsible for the smooth running of our offices, including coordination of the appointment diary, ordering of hearing aids and repairs, client record keeping, liaison with Workcover insurers etc. By Blog Editor On August 14, 2012 · Add Comment Hearing loss in teenagers is on the rise, and recent reports about the increase in hearing problems among teenagers serve as a reminder that one can experience difficulty hearing at any age. Signs of hearing loss in older adults are often wrongly attributed to other age-related issues such as dementia.  Forgetfulness may be a sign that your loved one has simply missed part of a conversation due to a hearing problem.

She established Bellarine Hearing in 1992 after working for 16 years in Melbourne, first at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, and then at the National Acoustic Laboratories (now Australian Hearing). He spent the previous 15 years with Australian Hearing in both Western Australia and Geelong including long-term positions as Adult and Paediatric Specialist as well as remote Aboriginal community work.
As well as enjoying being able to combine both paediatric and adult specialist work, Catherine has a special interest in assisting people to manage tinnitus.
Early hearing loss treatment is key to minimizing long-term impact for children, teens and seniors alike.
If an older adult communicates well in one-to-one conversations, but has difficulty hearing in a group situation, hearing loss may be to blame. Both clinics are conveniently located in Geelong’s St John of God Hospital medical precinct. She graduated from Melbourne University in 1976, having completed a Bachelor of Science followed by the Audiology Diploma. Together with Catherine he spent number of years providing the regional Community Health Audiology service for Bunbury in the south-west of WA while at the same time helping to establish and subsequently manage the Bunbury Australian Hearing clinic.
She is also responsible for the administration of claims in relation to Government clients.

He also carries out in house hearing aid repairs, and assists clients with connectivity of assistive listening devices. However, hearing loss symptoms may vary greatly between different age groups, and it is helpful to know what to look for if you suspect a loved one has hearing loss. Finally, if a older person who was once engaged and socially active becomes withdrawn, irritable or inattentive, chances are strong that they are suffering from hearing loss and should be seen by a hearing specialist. We pride ourselves on being independent of the hearing aid manufacturers, and are able to choose and dispense hearing aid products based purely on product attributes and suitability for our clients. In 2008 she completed her Doctor of Audiology from Salus University (Philadelphia) by distance learning.
We subscribe to EARTrak, an independent assessor of hearing aid satisfaction surveys, and we currently hold a five star rating under their certification scheme.

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