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Jolene has been with Hearing Professionals for over 10 years and is a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist.
Greg was born, raised and still lives in Sidney with his wife Michelle, daughter Kendall and Son Colt. Matt attended the Ohio State University to finish his education after spending two years at Edison State College. Come in for a free hearing evaluation and receive a FREEcaption call phone (restrictions apply).
Whether it be an ENT (Ear, nose, throat doctor), audiologist, or hearing instrument specialist, an ear doctor's office can look a little bit odd with all of the various tools and instruments. An otoscope is most commonly used to look inside the ear to look for ear wax buildup, signs of ear infection, and diagnose other issues. This instrument is used by a wide range of medical professionals, including your general physician.
There are a couple of common instruments that ear doctors use to remove ear wax in their office.
A curette is a long, skinny instrument with a small scoop on the tips that can fit inside the ear canal. Many people are a little scared to think of a doctor putting this device inside of their ear, but rest assured that doctors are professionals and the last they they want to do is damage your ear or hurt you. Irrigation is used by many professionals to clear built up ear wax and debris from the ears. In the office, ear doctors often have a slightly stronger irrigator that allows a solution to flow through the ears a bit more. Research published by JAMA finds older adults using cochlear implants could ward off depression. He is trained in audiologic testing, hearing aid fittings and adjustments, and aural rehabilitation. He is trained to diagnose and treat hearing loss, fit and adjust hearing aids, as well as train patients to get the most benefit from hearing aids.

An otoscope (also known as an auriscope) is a medical instrument that allows healthcare professionals to better see the outer and middle portions of the ear. In young children and infants, an otoscope can diagnose issues that the child can not vocalize what is bothering them, as in the case of a baby with an ear infection. It is used at routine checkups to make sure that all is well and looks healthy in your ears.
For most cases of ear wax buildup or blockages, patients will be sent home with an at-home ear wax removal kit. Curettes are used to gently scoop ear wax out of the ear and is handy when ears are especially compacted with ear wax. The solution used is generally a medication that softens ear wax so that it can be removed easily.
Don't be afraid to ask questions about the instruments used in the office so that you have an understanding of what your doctor plans to use and why. In his home state of Michigan he received both his undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Michigan. Mindie is passionate about helping people hear and is committed to doing what it takes to help her patients hear the best they possibly can. In his spare time Greg enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as coaching his kids little league teams.
Born and raised in Sidney, he has two wonderful children and enjoys spending time with them-from going to the movies to playing video games.
Karl is an Ohio State University graduate who has lived in rural western Ohio for more than 30 years.
In adults, an otoscope can confirm symptoms and help the doctor understand how to treat your ears. If you visit your physician or an ear doctor with complaints about ear pain or discomfort, and otoscope is likely the first instrument that will be used to look at your ears. However, some tools are needed for severe cases in which ear wax cannot be removed at home with a kit.

Since arriving in Ohio, he has joined the faculty of the Wright State University School of Medicine as an Assistant Clinical Professor.
Her experience with hearing loss and hearing aids prompted her to start working with other people who have hearing difficulties.
Greg is very passionate about patients getting the help they need and deserve as he has two grandparents that suffered from hearing loss and were able to hear their lives again thanks to the help of Hearing Professionals. He finds satisfaction in helping people to hear better and, as a result, seeing them experience higher quality of life. She is a football fanatic, loves kayaking, camping and anything that has to do with water or a beach.
Matt’s goal is to educate each patient about their hearing and find ways to help them hear better in their everyday life.
He has also seen the positive impact that improved hearing has had in his own family members’ relationships. Vyas, and was the first person in the state of Ohio to receive a perfect score in her final Practical Board Exam. Vyas is dedicated to Hearing Professionals supporting better hearing and a better life for his patients. She is the Parent Representative for the State Support Team of Region 6 and sits on the steerting committee. She is also developing an aural rehabilitation program for HP patients to optimize success in communication with their family and friends.

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