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Our hearing test evaluates your hearing sensitivity and is performed using an audiometer, which determines the softest level at which you hear different frequencies. The hearing healthcare professional will review your audiogram from the hearing test, along with your Needs Assessment to prescribe the appropriate course of treatment. You and your companion will complete a lifestyle and listening Needs Assessment with the hearing healthcare professional to determine the most common listening environments in which you need hearing help. You may be fitted with a set of hearing instruments to try through the rest of the consultation.
You will be seen multiple times during this period by your healthcare professional for any needed adjustments and counseling.

We have a variety of custom hearing protection for hunters and shooters based on your needs and budget.
If your earbuds fall out of your ears while running or exercising, or if they’re just plain uncomfortable, have custom earmolds made.
Our team of highly specialized physicians and audiologists provide full-service care for all illnesses of the ear, hearing, balance and sinus. The Nevada Ear + Sinus Institute specializes in the medical and surgical diagnosis and treatment of disorders encompassing the ear, hearing, balance, sinus and allergies. This will ensure that you can effectively communicate with the hearing healthcare professional as the evaluation proceeds.

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This is a painless, easy task performed with a special instrument called an otoscope or video otoscope.

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