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Same with a VA Disability Claim – you have to diagnose the problem before you can plan the solution. The first step is to realize that you have MORE POWER in your VA Disability Claim than you think. The VA CFile has everything that the VA, the docs, the BVA and the Veterans Court are using to deny your claim. They may also tell me that they are receiving Social Security Disability for the same service-connected injuries.
With all of that information, I suspect that the VA should have granted TDIU pretty quickly (quick for the VA at least).
Sometimes, they overlook the fact that you have filed VA Form 21-8940 a half dozen times in the past 5 years.

Sometimes, even after you file theVA Form 21-8940, the VA will assign the Effective date of the compensation as the date that the VA received VA Form 21-8940.
The VA has published an Unemployability Training Letter TL07-01E) for its employees handling TDIU claims. 2) If VA Form 21-8940 is not returned by the Veteran within 60 days, a decision can be made on the record without it.
The TDIU training letter lists 3 situations where a claim can be made for TDIU, only one of which includes the filing of the VA Form 21-8940. 3) In the course of developing a claim for an increased rating, VA obtains evidence of unemployability and VA grants the veteran a rating that makes the veteran eligible for IU. However, because the VA is an enormous red-tape dispenser, it is always best to follow the Golden Rule: File now, fight later.

Then, if the VA tries to establish your TDIU Effective Date as of the date of the filing of that Form, be aware that you may be eligible for a much earlier effective date based on the information in the Training Letter published above. One Last Word of caution – there is special language that I think the Veteran needs to include in their VA Form 21-8940. When they finally granted him TDIU, they used the most recent filing of the VA Form 21-8940 as the Effective Date. However, if the VA Form 21-8940 is returned after the rating decision is issued, but within one year of the date sent, the claim should be re-rated.

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