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Tinnitus is the perception of internal noises, mainly originating involuntarily within the head, in the absence of any external acoustic stimuli. If you notice a sudden onset of Tinnitus, manifesting itself as hearing loss in one ear, with or without dizziness, it could be indicative of a potentially serious medical condition. Although there is no cure for Tinnitus, there are techniques such as the use of amplification that can help minimize its effects and alleviate its symptoms. Ear infection symptoms are usually associated with the ears infections of middle or outer  ear. Since all face nerves are closely connected to each other the ear ache in some cases may be associated with pain in the throat, sinuses, and other. Infants also often have ear infections, for which they may cry long at night, scream, pulling at the sick ear, or rub it.
Outer ear infection (otitis externa) is an inflammation of the ear canal, which runs from the outer ear to the eardrum.
Tinnitus sufferers often describe the noises that they hear as being similar to a high pitch whistle, or steam escaping.
Although generally Tinnitus is not considered to be a serious condition, it may be an early warning sign that some level of damage is being done to the auditory system.

It is important to have your hearing assessed and the results forwarded to your family physician as soon as possible.
At Sense of Hearing we have professionals available to assess your situation and apply the appropriate techniques to help you better cope with the condition. The most common cause of pain in the ear, especially in children, is an infection of the middle ear or otitis. The inflammation is usually caused by fungal or bacterial infection, which often penetrate due to the damage of the skin (for example, when cleaning the ears and remove ear wax). Deafness may develop slowly over months and years, but can also occur suddenly in a few hours or days. Other descriptors can include the sound of high voltage wires, a humming sound, music, even a song with words. Middle ear infections occur when bacteria penetrate through the Eustachian tube to the middle ear.
However, there are cases where the fluid remains and need medical attention.Fever, partial loss of hearing,sometimes bleeding,strong throbbing pain and ringing in the ears are symptoms of middle ear infection which can be indications of the damage of the eardrum.

Children are more prone to ear infection, because their Eustachian tubes are still growing and so are not able to quickly remove the excess liquid. Ear drops are also best used only on the advice of a doctor, especially in young children.And at the end we reiterate the obvious fact if you notice any ear infection symptoms consult your doctor without hesitation.
Despite the fact that otitis externa can be cured quickly and not too serious but it can be very painful .This type of ear infection is often occurred in the form of redness and swelling of the outer part of the ear.
Sometimes it is accompanied by aching, sharp pain or itching particularly when eating or chewing. Hearing is difficult because of the abundance of ear wax in the ear canal or due to improper position of bones in the middle ear. In the second type sounds reach the inner ear, but disturbances in the nervous system do not allow them well apart.

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