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If you are terrified or even mildly afraid of spiders this story is not going put you at any ease. There have been several accounts documented over the last several years (one account dates over 140 years ago) of bugs, or even worse, spiders climbing into an unsuspecting person’s ear and making a warm home there; in some cases for many days. A woman went to her doctor complaining of headaches – and was told there was a spider living her ear. A woman who complained of hearing a loud buzzing noise was horrified when a nurse removed a moth from inside her ear. The insect had crawled into Patricia Macleod’s ear as she lay in bed at her home in Bilston, Midlothian. Mrs Macleod thought she was suffering from tinnitus after a horrendous noise and fluttering feeling developed in her ear which lasted for more than four hours. But it was only when she was having her ears syringed four days later the shocked nurse found the insect. The woman, who’s scared of spiders, went to her doctor after suffering from itching and strange noises in her ear.
It turned out that the spider had been inside the woman’s ear for more than 12 hours. If you wish to republish or repurpose the text from this article, you must gain permission.
The first time I took my partner to visit the parents (they live on a property out bush) was almost the last visit. However sometime after midnight she began complaining of a tickling sensation in her left ear, that quickly spiralled towards pain and other unpleasant sensations.

We grabbed torches and tweezers thinking it could well be a tick, but were unable to see anything. When we got to the local hospital (small town, limited facilities) they could see that a large Shellback Tick had attached to the eardrum of her left ear.
At that point they gave my partner some valium to calm her down and sent us off to drive over an hour through the middle of the night to a larger district hospital. It took a while for the ear-nose-throat specialist to arrive, but once he was setup it was a couple of moments work to whip it out and stick it in a jar (she still has its dehydrated body at home).
Apparently this is a quite common occurrence in the area where I grew up, although it is not common for the to attach to the eardrum itself as there is generally better blood flow nearby. At least the usual arachnids are generally easily flushed with oil – ticks suck (pun). This went on for 3 months, as everyone around me assured me that this was a natrual part of aging [degridation of hearing]. Well, September 1st of this year, I awoke to something very disturbing next to me on my pillow, it was a creamy white maggoty shaped thing with a huge blood sack, wriggling next to me on my pillow. Anyways, my case was different as it wasnt a spider or earwig, it is actually a tick relative [based on its leg configuration]. As an ex-watersportsman suffering of a slight condition of surfer’s ear i can assure you that the q-tip is a very bad solution to remove anything from your ear (including wax) as the result usually is opposite to the one intended. My ear is still sore inside this morning (maybe more from my attempts to fix the problem than the bug itself) but I slept a lot better after it was out. Sometime after 2:30 AM, I began to be conscious of the sound of water trickling and gurgling sporadically in my right ear.

I also did some research on the web and my conclusion is that it was trapped there accidentally rather than on a parasitic egg-laying mission.
I’ve heard there is a mite that lives on the base of our eyelashes, keeping them clean. I’ll still have that Night Gallery episode in the back of my mind for the next few months, though. I panicked because I thought I'd gone deaf," he says.Mild tinnitus affects about 10 per cent of the population and in older people can be caused by natural hearing loss. Ear infections, glue ear or a build up of earwax and conditions such as otosclerosis or Meniere's disease can also be responsible for it.In younger people tinnitus can be triggered by exposure to loud noises that damage the inner ear. The loud scratching noise wouldn’t stop for hours, so I finally tried to see what was wrong. I could never cancel it out completely."Nathan returned to work on a fruit and vegetable stall in his home town of High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. After reading this article and comments, I guess I’m pretty lucky that I was able to get it out without having to go to a hospital. However, he didn't find it easy."People would try to get my attention and I wouldn't be able to hear them," he says.

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