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We don’t have to take the substance out of funny jokes to consider what makes funny jokes funny, really.
When the unexpected—the absolutely bizarre or unpredicted—suddenly appears, the shock elicits inappropriate] laughter. You have likely seen (in an old movie, in a melodramatic TV show) a woman slap a man for kissing her. Some of the funniest stuff is that which is not prefaced by any warning that it will be funny.
Cary Grant pulled this off in the best of ways, tossing off flip remarks every other line or so of dialogue.
Then again, there are hysterical jokesters who are so funny they can’t contain their usually straight-faced selves, and they laugh, too. This is the trickiest part of telling funny jokes, waiting for the beat, knowing the pause. Those of us who can make people laugh know it when we try to pull off a crass joke at a formal dinner party or we tell a highbrow quip at a baseball game. We just have to have the thick skin and miserable childhoods and caustic, bantering mentality that compose a comic sense of humor…and give a few nods to the elements of a good joke.
On Tool Time, for example, Tim Allen is fretting about his oldest son Brad (and again, I paraphrase).
This is unfortunately how racist jokes have survived, too, as they are based in a common understanding of what is a truth (which is in fact an ignorant mythological, collective truth). The funniest people to me are those who are deadpan—as if they are SERIOUS—and we are the nervous gigglers who can’t quite wrap our brains around whether they are for real or not. But if you know your audience, know your joke (are comfortable with it) and don’t TRY too hard, it’ll come for you.
Dick Solomon (played by the genius of quasi-slapstick, John Lithgow) is an alien commander sent by The Big Head to study earth humans. He says to his wife that if Brad doesn’t go to college, he’ll never get a degree, and if he doesn’t get a degree, he’ll have to move back in, and if he moves back in, Tim and his wife will have to baby-sit the whole new family of Brad, Brad’s wife, their kids, etc., when they are in walkers…. We know it when we land a funny, kill, hit the funny bone, too, but how is it that we were funny? In the first episode, he is at a gathering with Mary (played by the brilliantly witty Jane Curtain).

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