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Looks like the Easter bunny delivered a special treat to one of our favorite celebrity couples.
TI and wife Tiny are celebrating the birth of their new baby girl and sharing the news with fans on social media. Former Xscape member Kandi Burress, who just became a new mom herself a few weeks ago, popped in for a hospital visit and to snap a pic with Tiny.
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The new parents were joined by a number of familiar faces -- find out who helped them celebrate in the video below. Once you’re done with this one, make sure to visit our comments section below or hit us up on the Twitter space and let us know what you think of this. Tina & Richard Lawson Get Cutesy On Their Way To Dinner + Mariah Carey — Lee Daniels Is The FRAGILE B*TCH! Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 36, covers the November 2012 issue of Juicy magazine on news stands November 12.

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Tip’s niece, Kamaya Harris broke the news when she posted a video to her Snapchat which was quickly followed up with an Instagram photo from Tiny, thanking close friend Kandi Burruss for making sure she was okay following the delivery.

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